Allowing Grace

In January 2015 I met Michelle Radomski in person at an event called  It’s Your Turn. We had come together to celebrate the new style of women doing business together.

During the experience,  Michelle and I were drawn to one another.  We decided to indulge in some double dipping – delicious idea invented by Joie Gharrity, where she and I would pool resources and share some of our talents in a new way.

Voila!  (that’s French for and here it is)

We each picked a card from the assortment of cards Michelle had brought that are illustrated with her beautiful mandalas.  The first one was I believe,  you can read all about what that means by the numbers here.

The second card Allowing Grace, finished the sentence.

Michelle Radomski_allowing grace
I Believe in Allowing Grace.   
When you know the numeric resonance of a phrase it can shift so many things.

Allowing Grace.   This phrase adds up to number 64.  Yes that number we use as in – What is the $64 question – meaning do you know the answer to that difficult question?

Six is for love, and its an emotional number. Four is for order, and is a manifesting number (to make things real) and they add up to a 10.  10 reduces to 1 (since 0 has no value) and the 1 is a number of new beginnings.  It is a mind number.  All three triads are represented, which is a powerful statement in a phrase.

The 6 in ‘Allowing Grace’  repeats the love and echoes the 6 of the word believe and phrase I believe.
There is a 4 in both I believe and Allowing Grace. 4 is the number of roots, and order.

6 plus 4 becomes 10.  The core universal numbers of instant manifestation.  Basically producing what you believe.   So Allowing Grace is in essence another way of saying I believe.
The 10 reduces to 1.  The first number of new beginnings, vision and taking action.

This number 1 reveals that this phrase ‘Allowing Grace‘ can lead us to a place of glory, to everything we desire, if we are willing to believe, allow, and then lead and act from that  sacred place.  The perfect balance of ying and yang.

When we go deeper into the individual words in the phrase we find out that Allowing equals 39.  3+9=12. 1+2=3

12 is a number of learning, which instructs us to imbue what we have learned into birthing creative self expression and thereby making joy.  This means we need to rejoice in the discovery that allowing brings.
3 is also an emotional number like 6 and 9.

Grace equals 25,  2+5=7
25 is the number of the spiritual reformer.  Encouraging us to transcend through spiritual insight..
The 7 is a mystical number that asks us to trust our Divine Instincts enough to know our own beliefs.

So in the end, and in the beginning,  we always have belief.

Michelle Radomski and I

Michelle Radomski and I in Pismo Beach

What do you believe?

The other day I lost something and went back where I thought it might be. (several days had passed by the time I realized it was lost)

While I waited for the man to check, I pulled out the two cards of Michelle’s we had chosen,  and gazed at them, reading the words  ‘I believe in Allowing Grace’ over and over, feeling my heart open to the prayer within.
Not judging or deciding.  Just trusting.

A few minutes later the man came back with my item.
I really was ready to sing out Hallelujah.

I am a believer.

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