Angels and Feathers, Design Trend or lifestyle?

We are in the thick of feathers revival. A design trend, yes.  I believe Angels are in our midst. Angels and Beasts.

Mythology steeped in our history is rising.

We are living midst myth and marvel.

Wings over Burlingame, CA


Even the Earth begins to change shape. To become more bodacious.

I see feathers everywhere.  In the clouds, in design, at parties. In the yarns, textures and fringe

Feathered on wall spotted at International Contemporary Furniture Fair May 2011


On a recent foray to Highpoint NC to book sign “Le Chic Cocoon” (there are soft feathers in that place & butterfly wings) I saw visual signs of Beast legs and Angel wings. Fantasy and feathers aswirl in movement.


Angel Wings in a Highpoint N.C. Showroom

I have had my own brushes with Angel wings, and what could be more fitting that to connect Thanksgiving with wings.  Turkeys play a significant role.  North Indians not only introduced this bird to the pilgrims,  they wore them in their hair with great pride.  Read National Geographics post which is apropo: Thanksgiving 2011 Myths and Facts


We are pilgrims once again on a quest to meet new land, new beginnings.  Our old world order is changing.  I see people wearing feathers in their hair and in their clothing.  Abundance is on the rise.  Feathers are a glorious reminder of hope.  Even Feathers to light our way.



There are feathers in table pieces, drawings, and wings to hang on walls. Gratitude i the new black my friend Vinca Heart tells me.

This Thanksgiving  embrace your folklore and families in the softness of downy feathers, the support of a wingspan.  Open and loving.   Do you connect wings and feathers?

Swan bed from the 1920's spotted at High Point


Rejoice in this moment.   A table to come together.  Food feathered in love. Your own cozy nest.



Joie de Vivre my friends,


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Angels and Feathers, Design Trend or lifestyle? — 1 Comment

  1. Happy Holidays Jennifer

    beautiful objects you posted from HP. there’s a shop up the block from me on Sacramento called Anthem there are huge wings in front window display. I know you saw the picture I posted of the two ladies with wings around them.


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