Anything of Value in Beauty?

I have done it.  I do it.  Taken the inheritance of life,  bestowed in trust upon us, a grant from God/ Source, if you will, for granted.
This Grant which is made more clear and dear by what we value in the Royal Crown of what matters to us as individuals.  Freedom to choose the flags we wave.


Yet tossing words around like ‘my values’  can be easy to utter, harder to honor. If I start listing what I value, what makes me feel good and what I want more of, can I put those values into words, enough to give what I care about the devotion they need?
Few enough to crisply steer my boat in the waters of life?    With direction enough to use those values as a map to mark my journey?

What do I value?  How do I measure my self worth?  What floats my boat? Gets me up in the morning? Keeps me going long after the lights go out?  Do you have a list you consult? That keeps your hearth burning while you do your daily tasks?

Let me start with what I know, to guide this list. I am a Taurus.  My values are connected to Venus.

Beauty. Integrity. Wealth. Love. Luxury. Safety. Truth. Passion. Creativity.  Being a woman. My home. Family. Yes all matter to me.

So first on the list. Beauty.

Beauty is so important to me.  I NEED to be surrounded by beauty. Yes it is an innate desire. Essential to my quality of life. From Light that pours into my room to a view that opens up space in my heart.

If I don’t have beauty in my life, the light dims.  I lose interest.  I lose hope.
What about you?  What is beautiful to you? What fires up your neurons on a dull day? Or when your heart is heavy?

My love of Beauty is why I take so many photos.  Attempting to capture a moment of beauty in a glass. A specimen, proof, that beauty constantly regroups and releases her scent.  Hilarious really, how I can get lost in a moment. Delicious too. Swallowed up in delight of noticing how glorious life is.

I have thousands of photos.  Each is an ALTAR to BEAUTY.  I don’t really need to hoard these moments.  But will I click the button and delete them all, because a moment once captured is held in time somewhere forever?  Probably not.  Because I can scroll back and see the shine. Be reminded. For a little while longer.
But if they all disappeared? Would I mourn their loss? No because Beauty is regenerative. Everywhere there is proof that Beauty lives all around us.

Beauty is one of those values that is often denigrated as if it is something worthless. Too shallow to believe in.  Yet if we didn’t get turned on by beauty how flat life would be.  Sometimes I walk in nature, which I value so profoundly. I desire pristine nature to have its way, to woo us till we die.

Not all swallowed up by the grasping hand of greed that decimates earth for the sake of one more burger or another load of matchsticks to More for Less.
Nature, in her beauty let’s me just walk in wonder, filled to bursting with the generosity she gives. A glimpse of beauty expands my sense of wealth and pride.  The colors, sounds, light, feel, everything alive, bustling with energy.  Growing, moving, changing, dying. A constant cycle, ode to joy.

Nature reminds me how precious beauty is.  It fills up my cup when I feel lost, useless, in despair. Hurting or confused.

Nature has no agenda but to be.  Like art.  When I see beautiful art I am captivated, awed.  My heart beats really fast as I am transported to a different place. One where anything is possible, and I am fortunate in witnessing that anything in technicolor.  It makes me love life more.  My child excited, enjoying who she is. Alert to her present moment.   I think that is what beauty represents.  The present moment.  When nothing else exists but the exquisite work of the Divine.

Art inspires me to be more creative.   When I hear beautiful music I am enchanted, intrigued at how the sound can make me feel beauty, and beautiful all at once.  Like all is right with the world no matter what is happening. Some small piece of beauty holds everything together, till it can grow back over the damage. Sweetening life for us all.

When I see a woman beautiful in her confidence, or children enjoying an experience without thought of what was, or what is future, I am uplifted and reinvigorated.


It would be a challenge to go on, when life seems like a stab in the chest, if I didn’t have beauty to comfort me and heal those scabs.  To hold me in her softness, her truth. Bless me like a prayer.   When I walk into my living room and see the things I treasure welcoming me, all harmonious and gorgeous, sitting side by side, creating a sacred space, a room for me to fully be me in.

A rose, a scent, a downpour, a sky full of stars or even a shape of a cloud can sweep me into the incredible beauty that colors life with a rainbow. Yes, Beauty to me is the pot of gold.

The value of Beauty in my life is incalculable.

Beauty reminds me of what is worth pursuing – the carrot in my life.  Keeping me striving to be a better person, a more beautiful being.  Living my life surrounded by daily reminders of what beauty is and does, guiding me to be the most I can be. Flowering and renewing. Climbing to the sky.

Holy. Whole. Full. Complete. Reaching the ultimate crowning glory of who I came to be. Feet deep in the joy of it all. Right now!

What does beauty gift to you?  Is it one of your core values?

I would love to know what you think about Beauty. How she shines her light in your life.

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Anything of Value in Beauty? — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you for this post! I have been reflecting on my values and how to move forward in this new year. It seemed like I was missing something important..could it be beauty? It felt so loaded (for me) with shame and frivolity. So I googled it and found your post…you have put into words how I feel. How full it makes my heart feel! To view a vista, to create or view art, to wonder at wildlife, to create lovely spaces in my home, to share a cuppa with a dear friend. Thank you. A friend of mine sometimes comments ‘that it is a thing of beauty’ when noticing kindness or personal growth in others through hardship etc so I am excited to see how beauty can expand and grow in my life in all its fullness now I am willing to accept and celebrate it. With gratitude x

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