April 2019 Insights.

New month. New identity.

Always a 4 month by the Gregorian calendar, April ignites within us the desire to feed our intentions through sowing seeds of shift.

Growth beckons, calling us to give ideas roots by fostering their form.

We ponder the sweet nectar of spring, wanting to infuse that scent into our daily lives. Curiously exploring whether the methods and mindset of what was, is still good enough to keep, or is a dismantling and rebirth in order now?

According to the numbers, flux is here.

2+0+1+9 gives us a12 universal year, which adds up to a 3(1+2) root number. This April is a 16(12+4) month which becomes a 7(1+6) in universal digitry.

Each of the three numeric categories is represented this month as well, the emotional in the 3, material in the 4 and mental in the 7. Giving us the capacity to see things we have been blind to, expanding our ability to nurture ourselves into living a new kind of wisdom.

Also 3+4 = 7.

Every piece of this pattern adds up to a highly spiritual combination that activates and grounds a cosmic confluence within us. Our human form invites more light, this is geometric resonance at work. A triangular based pyramid (a tetrahedron) consists of 4 three sided shapes on top of a square. Which gives us 4 x 3 equaling 12 (like our universal year) plus the additional 4 for the square base which adds up to 16 (our universal month) which reduces to 7.


The universe always finds a way to communicate with us, if we are willing to listen. It is said the Pyramids of Egypt were highly reflective, their form a reference to the rays of the sun, designed to bring more light and higher consciousness to earth, by grounding the base with great support tapering from a pointed top, so energy can flow in easily and go down gradually.

As the numeric code for the month reveals, we are poised to receive more light with our mental, emotional and spiritual channels opening up in new ways.

3 is the overall theme for the year so it colors every month, with love, laughter social and creative glee activating (e)-motion. We are learning to feel what we feel in the moment, so we can recognize (make real) and release what we no longer need. Feeling our feelings such as sadness, happiness, delight or grief is our superpower as humans.

Our feelings are incredible barometers for living fully in the body our souls are housed in.

No need to hang on to feelings by storing them in our bodies or ignoring them. Through our sensational responses?—?vibrational effects of e- motion we get to embody life, because in spirit form we lack the human container that creates a visceral response.

Photo by Felix Mittermeier on Unsplash

16 is a number of cosmic shift. Electric, unexpected wildness awakens our inner senses, making the invisible visible. Turning life as we have assumed it, upside down, bringing flashes of inspiration and a quickening awareness. We experience moments of being in wholeness with our souls, allowing for incremental waves of change in our world view, as if siphoned through a pyramid. Everything on the external plane that is out of alignment, including beliefs and structures could collapse, since 16 enjoys overthrowing the status quo. It is a powerful partner to Uranus who is moving ether into earth while in Taurus for the next 7 years.

Disruptions make way for change.

There are many storms brewing and spewing in this fast, slow pace swirl. We see the past and our habitual chosen responses are illuminated, if we are paying attention, providing us an opportunity to evolve. 7 invites research, reflection and retreat from the old ways of thinking. It is imperative to let your intuition guide your journey, as you pause to go within or out in nature.

Everywhere there are openings to break free from traditional lifestyles, rote doing, that has depended on our looking backwards with shame or blame.

Life is liquifying! Take a risk and try something new.

The quickening of rebellion is in our spirits, making way for more heartfelt choices. We are weary of pretence and willing to walk away from the convenience of staying silent. The internal music of spirit calls us, every note a key to expressing innate truth and generosity, so we can move from feeling put upon to embracing our natural vibrancy.

Be gentle with you, it is ok to say no and not have to explain why, to change your mind and move away from people who cannot understand why you are different. Set your own boundaries in a world that has used barriers to lock us in.

Distraction can never bring satisfaction.

Stop giving energy to things you have no interest in, and advice to people who don’t share your beliefs.

FOCUS on the now and what needs your attention.

Develop your connection to your intuition, discover new roles.

Who are you underneath the many layers of societal constructs?

Number 4 helps us to materialize what is in our mind and hearts by developing structure. Linking us to the earth as a living energy, bringing with it a practical and disciplined approach to building foundations.

April is a dynamic month of being social and in silence, digging into what lies beneath the why and what, inviting new opportunities in lifestyle and work. We get to disengage with over analysis, foster our enthusiasm for learning and leadership, in brand new ways, individually and in community.

There is a reason April 1st is called April Fools – being “foolish” frees us from needing to fit in to look perfect. That rigidity of denying a natural sense of joy holds us hostage on so many levels. Failing is not wrong, it is just a more electric way forward. We can never know everything and yet through connection and commitment we can experience the impossible.

Dance in the divine waters of universal love and light because that will open your heart and improves your communication to your mind, body and spirit.

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