How to arrange fake flowers

Clean the leanves and flowers with a good spray of Scrubbing Bubbles – give them an outdoor shower and leave them to clean and dry.

Toss out the faded specimens or recolor with Design Master Floral Spray.

Consider purchasing some new stalks, and pick the shape and color to match with the space.

Choose your container with care.  The container should balance the arrangement.

Cut the too long stalks with wire cutters

Hide the base with moss

Make sure the the arrangement works from every angle it is visible.

Think about all the fun ways you can use silk flowers to dress up your home for parties and special occasions.

Garlands of flowers and leaves behind chairs, on mantels in doorways, down the table.

You dont need to water, but you do need to clean and take care of it.

The arrangement I updated for a client went from this

Fake flowers look unreal

To this, I tried to reuse some of the flowers and leaves, what do you think?

Arrangement gets an update

I would love to hear what you think about Silk or Faux flowers, and if you have any in your home.  Comment below, and if you would like a home that reflects you stylishly, give me a call at 650.644.8592

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How to arrange fake flowers — 7 Comments

  1. I have many silk flower and foilage arrangements in my home and love them. I have a spray that I use to keep them clean and fresh looking, but had never really thought about how I could separate them, cut them, wire them and create whole new arrangements! Thank you for the inspiration! I love fresh flowers, too, but the silk/faux flowers allow me to have year round color and beauty without worrying about them dying!

    • Donna you are right. There are advantages to both fresh and faux. It is nice to be able to mix it up when you need a change.

  2. I have some faux flowers together with some dried ones, I don´t always have real flowers, so this is a nice way to make your home look pretty. But you still have to take care of them (faux flowers with dust and spider webs aren´t really nice :-))!

  3. It’s definitely timely that I found your blog in general and this post in particular. I have an old bunch of silk flowers in an ugly wicker basket that I have been wondering if I should try to modernize. I don’t like the arrangement pparticularly but I loved the colour scheme so much I painted a canvas to complement it. Reading this has inspired me to try so thank for sharing!

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