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Staying at a hotel is always a fascinating experience.
I adore the idea of being pampered.
Of having so few possessions.
A clean sexy bathroom and all those cute bottles
Best of all is the promise of room service. A waiter arrives with a tray of goodies and whips it all away when you are done. Someone else makes the bed.

I love a room with a view & little details that spell out luxury

In February the brilliant Brizo faucet company hosted another blogger 19 trip at the Eventi hotel, and I was privileged to be included.

Eventi Lobby Lounge

Luxe all the way. A driver met me at the airport. My luggage rolled off the carousel and he was there, a smooth drive.
The hotel has lovely service. unobtrusive, attention to detail, with a genuine smile. The sign in the bathroom says if they dont have it they will get it for you.
In my eyes the most important and often overlooked expression of true luxe. Excellent Service!
The blood red veined marble and Indonesian style screens balance the tongue in chic Alice in wonderland details, like the peek in closet and leather strap light.

Leather strap light

Leather Strap Light lights up the Lobby at the Eventi HotelThe Peek in Alice in Wonderland type closet

At first glance you don’t notice the wood wrapped pillars shielding the rich blossom relief white pillars. The charming tiny lobby lounge, with it’s petalled water. The repetitive patterns, that soothe the eye. That take the look from bold all the way down to delicious.

Check in at the Eventi

My room is subtle and inviting. The black net curtains frame a typical city view, buildings! Down below there is a concrete park, with a giant screen. I am thrilled to have a giant window, one that actually opens.
with an under layer of night drapes that slide closed with ease, full enough that I don’t need to tug, that last bit to close. Yeah! More fabric.
Even though the hotel decor is masculine in color and line, it is full of feminine whimsy & curves.
The bathroom is sleek marble. With almost a sun ray pattern on the shower floor. an Asian style bench that echos the Indonesian elements first glimpsed on arrival.

What is really fabulous about the Eventi hotel is the art work, the subtle harmony at work.
A continuation of the theme – the art balances the bold dark materials in a profound way. Every piece of art is a woman in movement, or nature, pausing in a moment.
Inside the ladies room women bright dresses aswirl in Balenciaga type skirts that create flowers. Over the elevators on the same floor are tulips that remind me of the women in the bathroom. Happiness!

When you exit the bathroom there is this series of a woman swimming, as if in a cage of wood, in white and blue,that echo the elevator ceiling.


Art and water. Exiting the water closets

When you enter the elevator and look up, it’s a sheet of bi colored glass or plastic, lines that could be sky or water. I love the lift it gives me. Almost like I am celebrating, under the sky.

Elevator sky

Line drawings etched onto Perspex in the bathroom in my room, the light and shadow creates a copy on the marble

Bathroom Art

Across from the bed the same woman in a bigger format, tone on tone. So subtle you could almost miss her.
At the entrance to the conference room one bold Aztec tree ring & two huge pieces that speak of women in memory and motion.

Memory and woman, art at the Eventi

of women and memory

Another space that delights me with the art is the sweet living room at the entry.
no art on the walls. Above the room is the gorgeous tree in a symphony of golden leaves. What joy to look up to see a sea of leaves that might just swiftly fly.

A tree that hangs over the seating area in the Eventi Hotel

Brizo chose a beautiful hotel that speaks to what they represent. Personal, stylish, detailed quality & very engaging. Choices that really do reveal the energy behind the brand. Intentional style.  That’s my language.

Thank you Brizo for sharing your beautiful kitchen and bath suites and allowing us a glimpse under the black cloths!

What draws you to a certain piece of art when looking to add something to walls? What hotel has you lingering in lust about your next visit?
Create your personal collection by choosing what you love. Art is so emotive. It evokes a visceral response almost without us noticing. I am drawn to many styles of art, but I am very particular about what I would surround myself with. Bright joyful art, delicate subtle pieces. No gloomy depressing art in my personal Le Chic Cocoon. What about you? Leave a comment and share your favorite art or luxe moment in a hotel.

Joie de Vivre


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Art inspiration & Luxe Life — 4 Comments

  1. What a fun place! I LOVE the way you describe it. Here’s my favorite line:
    “Even though the hotel decor is masculine in color and line, it is full of feminine whimsy & curves.”
    Not sure which I like more – the hotel or the writing!!!

    • Dear Juliet. what a delightful surprise to see your engaging comment. So delight you enjoyed the hotel and my writing. lovely compliment, thank you! Jen

    • Hello Andi, yes I think you will enjoy the hotel art and decoration. Let me know what you think. Always fun to visit hotels

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