Le Chic Cocoon

Le Chic Cocoon beautifully outlines 7 transformational steps and easy to apply do-it-herself decorating tips that empower every woman—regardless of space limitations or lack of any kind– with the belief that by simply surrounding yourself with things you already have you can actually create a totally new and meaningful environment that celebrates and liberates you!

Inside The Book…

  • How To Get Into The Habit Of Saying YES…To You, p.50
  • How To Set Boundaries That Will Empower You In Everyday Life, p.66
  • 7 Ways To Cherish Yourself Daily So You Are Present For Your Loved Ones, p.107
  • 7 Simple Ways To Decorate Your Chic Cocoon… On A Budget, p.119
  • How to Create Your Chic Cocoon, a.k.a. Your Own Selfish Retreat In One Day, p.126
  • How To Increase Your Happiness Factor In Less Than An Hour A Day, p.136
  • BONUS eBook: 7 Sensual Body Tips

For thousands of years women as a whole have been taught both consciously or by example to be selfless. Tradition has supported the myth by embracing a global, generational, cultural and even economic standard which has left a vast majority of women playing a second or even third place role in the story of their lives and filled with quiet discontent.


Le Chic Cocoon was written by Jen Duchene to banish the myth— which although well meaning only succeeds in diluting our personal power, stealing our passion, and squashing our joy. No more!

“Be Selfish” is more than a mantra, it’s a movement designed to empower women by supporting the creation of an emotional and physical Chic Cocoon, a sacred space for a woman to escape into, both real or imaginary. It’s a woman’s retreat, a place to explore, create, become whole again. Outside rules have no place in this space which allows a woman to retreat and in the process be satisfied. The surprising benefit of which is a refreshed and re-energized woman who can more fully embrace all the facets of womanhood and the roles she’s chosen to play.

The Way You Live Is More Important Than Where You Live

“Don’t wait for someday” is the resounding message that seasoned veteran and highly sought-after Interior Designer Jen Duchene shares with women from the “superhero” housewife to the out-of-balance corporate executive, and even a woman of limited means who has no connection to the trappings of a modern world.

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Praise For Le Chic Cocoon

I’ve never run across a book that made me realize just how important I am in this world and that I really do need to put myself  first. I’m recommending this book to every client, friend, and woman in my life.”

–  Alara K. Castell
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