Make your Bedroom Dreamy

In the throes of moving – I decide to paint my bed before moving day.  Been thinking about painting it for awhile and now is a perfect moment. The bed has been dismantled and stands ready to be painted.

Before I head for the paint store to buy primer and paint, thought I would jot down my thoughts about bedrooms.  Everyone needs a place to sleep.  And it is the first place you see when you wake up and the last place you see before you close your eyes.  Shouldn’t the bedroom be a place of rest & beauty ? Inviting and relaxing?

Yet most people leave that room for last.  And I can understand why.  Nobody sees it but you.  and money is tight.  or the room is small.  Or maybe choosing a paint color is daunting.

Of course if there are two of you – all the decisions become more complicated.  It all starts with ONE thing  – one idea, one color or one piece.  What is your one item ?  For me it is my bed frame.

I have decided to paint it white to brighten and lighten the effect.  Right now its a reddish brown wood stain. I love white bedrooms.  And I love blue and white bedrooms.  I always buy the same color bedding, blue and white,  so no matter what the design they all match.  I can mix stripes and florals together for a fresh look.

Do you have a color you love ? This can act as a springboard for creating a room you can dream in. Easy way to change a space is color. If you cant paint,  you can buy a new duvet cover or new bedding.

There is all kinds of wonderful choices out there.  A client of mine, fell in love with the idea of doing an all gray and silver bedroom.  She found a fun animal print duvet cover and used this as a spring

board for the room.  Since the room had chair rail molding and she was going to paint, I suggested they use a darker gray below the line and a lighter gray above. It looks wonderful. Kai chose an adorable chandelier with crystal type drops from Ikea to hang from the ceiling, lovely mirrored side tables that were narrow enough to work, and a bunch of different silver & grey textured pillows to add interest.

She is planning on adding a padded shaped headboard that is screwed to the wall.  Another fun headboard would be a  big mirror and frame (well attached)  or a grouping of round mirrors, a decal or painted headboard.

Use color to make it work – like soft stripes, the bold cover and the simple headboard. This head board can be made by cutting out a frame, padding and covering in white cloth.  Note the chandelier in the corner and the chain cover which is really a piece of fabric ruched and sewn into a tube.   The spark of yellow is repeated twice so it makes sense in the room.

Create a bed back with fabric – you can cut out a shape and trim the edges –  add padding or hang curtains behind the bed even if there is no window. Take a big piece of wood, cover in foam,  create a patchwork or buy it and staple over the board

Using decals to create a scene can be very effective.

If you are longing to change your bedroom – pick a color or inspiration piece you love, look at what you have that you can use – perhaps you have the perfect duvet color and need some pillows or new pillow cases?  Something to add color or drama to the wall behind your bed.  Decide on your budget  – and the feeling you want to evoke,  and pull items in – from other rooms,  garage sale finds,  shop the stores for sale items.  Soft billowy curtains across the wall are often very inexpensive.  Create small tables by painting two odd pieces the same color – this will make it look uniform.  Two lamps or maybe two new lampshades  and a throw or a throw rug will add enough elements to make that bedroom a haven.

What is going to be the inspiration piece that pulls your bedroom from dreary to dreamy ?

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Make your Bedroom Dreamy — 9 Comments

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