Birthing of Balance

We are in October.  It is hard to believe we are closing in on the last part of the year. October of course is always a 10 month and this year on the universal scale it is a 9 month (2+0+1+5=8)  (8+1+0=9) 1 is all about new beginnings and 9 is all about endings. 1 is about focus and 9 is about compassion.

This new moon sets us up with more love, more balance, more opportunity. Of course being a numbers woman I have my own interpretation of what the numbers of the New Moon Foretell. What are you feeling right now?
Relationships are what make the world go around. Everything relates to something.  Or a group of somethings.  We often see ourselves in relationship to others.   What is key here is to see ourselves in relationship to our core self.    The truth of who we are, what we dream of and who we are becoming in the process.  How we accept the change and evolve into a place where we are ignited within and take action at the profound moment when we are aligned to move forward.

Exciting times indeed.   A revolution and a new regime.   The Goddess Queen is on her throne equal to the King.   Benevolent rule is possible.   It is a great time to get clear about what you desire and what you need to go forward.  The universe is supporting you, and indeed the planets are lined up to help provide opportunities and get you building a new structure you can climb on.

It really is up to you.  This Plutonomy (that’s my name for this time) is all about us balancing within our own equality within ourselves and out in the world.    When we know we are worthy (and we all are) there is nothing to prove, escape or deny.   We can just be and take action in pure playful innocence.

What excites and inspires you about this time?  Do you have any hesitation about your path ahead?

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