Royal Insights Weekly May 30 – June 5, 2016

This week we leap from a month of shifting to settling into what love means to us and what we will do to embrace our truth. Be of service not in servitude

Spiritual Alchemy is in the air, giving us the ability to create joy out of being who we are. Loving and taking care of our own needs. so we can show up more grounded and present for others.

New moon happens on the 5th. A very powerful axis of laying down how we are going to show up.

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Love Jen

Royal Insights Weekly, May 23-29, 2016

A week of change and focus.  How will you bring your beliefs into your daily life?

Mars draws our fine inward, making us see how we light up our passion and what stirs us.

Are you using your fire to create more of what you desire?  Or using that focus to incite others?  This is a time of becoming aware of what your truth is.  What will create freedom for you.

Time to plant new seeds, take action.  Move out of comfort into your own style..  Soon it will be time  to cultivate the flowers that bloom from your daring.

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Love and Crowns,

Royal Insights Weekly – May 16-22

Another week of adventure, that brings us closer to exploring our truth,  Getting more comfortable with being uncomfortable.

May is a month of change and this week we are releasing what stops us from welcoming the path we must walk to go where we have yet to go.

We must begin to take fresh action. To go beyond keeping quiet about how we feel, burying our truth will not create freedom.   Freedom requires learning new things, facing and speaking about situations that scare us.   The most sacred of intentions of the 5 is to be present with the present- your presence is requested and required. 

Fully alive and attuned to what is going on, taking advantage of what opportunities are in front of us.   We cannot have a different experience if we refuse to act differently. If what you are doing will no longer serve you, know you have the courage and support to respond in a new way.

Full moon happens on Saturday, inspiring us to let go of the old, to make room for the new.

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Love and Crowns,


Royal Insights Weekly – May 9-15/2016

We are in extraordinary times.

Being given the opportunity to see what has been hidden from us.

Perhaps to recognize why we hid and give us the freedom to be seen, fully.

There are many ways to communicate out in the world.  For most of the world that communication has been about cloaking different ideas and thoughts in secrecy and using fear as a weapon.    Now we been given a beam of sunlight to glow under.

A place to explore and test out our opinions, forge new truths. Understand that not all things we have lived by are sacred.  Now is the time to create our individual path to our own mountain.  When we know who we are, we have nothing to hide.  The collective is improved when every one is part of the conversation.

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Royal Insights Weekly April 25- May 1

Final week of April 2016 – we are moving out of the going to ground energy of death or disremembering which forces us to find new discipline to create what we want to bring into the world.
Traveling from 25th day of insight to 26th day of strength, wanting the truth of our personal message and meaning (in life) to lovingly be heard. This is the song of our own making.

Balancing the inner and the outer.  Dark and Light within.  Giving space for all things to exist so that each of us is fully expressed, cells nourished, so that we can walk toward the holiest of mountains – meet all parts of who we are as a whole.    Live fully present on this earth, alive and present.

Week ends in day 1 of May.  New beginnings as we enter a double 5 month of freedom, adventure and sharing that message, to clarify what we believe and what we desire. 1 of new beginnings soaked in spiritual alchemy.  Giving you love and a focused abundant energy to start you on this adventure of knowing and speaking your mind.

Mercury goes retrograde in Taurus on the 28th.

3 weeks to let your deep truth rise up to meet your shallow awareness.   Subconscious Moon meeting your Conscious Mind.    Opportunity beckons, dreams rise to meet matter.  All is possible. You are being given the drive and awareness to bring your sacred desires alive.

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Love Jen



Royal Insights Weekly April 18-24

We have a busy week of Transformation.  Two planets go Retrograde. Mars turned retro on Sunday 17that 8 degrees and Pluto went retro Monday 18th at 17 degrees.   Both 8’s    That in itself is extraordinary.   Watch my latest video to get a feel for the energies this week.

Mars is the planet of drive, passion and focus.  Where we get fired up.   Sitting in Sagittarius,  which is ruled by Jupiter (opportunity) at 13 degrees.(in retrograde)  Next to Saturn (order) at15 degrees (also in retrograde).

So we have 4 planets in retrograde and Mercury will go retrograde next week.   All these retrogrades are bringing an internal change within us.   We are in a 13 universal month, a number of death and renewal.  Pluto is a planet of death and renewal.    13 is a 4.   Number of earth and when the 4 & 8 meet there is a destined quality in play.    We have a full moon on the 22nd  another 4 and 8 are activated.     Jupiter and Pluto and the numbers inspire us to take root, expand our presence in earth and how we relate to earth,  spiritualize our experience and suspend our disbelief.   Abundance is awakened.  Passion fired up.    We are birthing new experiences, a new way of being.

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Love Jen

Royal Insights Weekly April 11-17

This week we enter the Passionate Portal of clearly seeing illusions that have stymied and stilled us. The Opportunity to be Empowered by Choice – letting go of what has held us imprisoned. Our fire is being rekindled. What will rise from the ashes?

This week we meet the 13 which doubles the 13 of the month and triples the 4 of building a solid foundation and gives us a 17 day that brings us to determining what we want to take forward. Destiny is awakened.

Sunday the 17 repeats the 8 sparks the 4 of April bringing destined events and creating a 21 universal day. Yes the truth will set us free, if we walk through the gate that forges a new path. Take a trail you have not yet taken.

Mars goes retrograde Sunday 17th universal time and on this side of the pond this occurs on the 18th. When Mars turns inward it gives us a chance to light the fire within.
To ignite our passion, fuel our drive.
Mars is in Sagittarius right next to Saturn (also in retrograde right now). Saturn rules order and attending to details. A very different energy to Mars. Both are being roasted, shifted & tickled by Jupiter (ruler of Sag) aided by the 13 (universal number of April) of unexpected changes. Bringing our desires out into the open – to literally speak our truth. Travel, broaden our perspectives, expand what is possible and create new laws & systems.

Fasten your seat belts and bring your megaphone. You will want to Reveal what you release. Laughter and love help ease the bumps.

Love & Crowns


Royal Insights Weekly – April 4 -10 2016

April is fully in her stride.  New month, first new moon of this Lunar cycle that begins our year. 4 calendar month, 13 universal month and the week begins with a 4. Focusing us on letting go of the old paternalistic way of being and doing, giving us the freedom to bring a new world order into reality.

13 Lunar moons, 13 the number of the Divine Goddess ignites these new roots with a deep enigmatic shift.  A bold breaking away from a broken system makes room for new foundations.

13 inspires our creativity and our sense of purpose, shaking up the status quo and putting us to work.

13  breaks through stuck patterns so that we can rekindle the fire within us.  We are experiencing a renaissance.  This is the number of the Phoenix.

Getting organized, clear and deliberate is the way to firmly plant these new plans.  The old patriarchal methods are disappearing and we are being given the opportunity to build a world that is not run by fear or greed.

New Moon on the 7th helps us shift with great insight.

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Love & Royal Crowns,


Royal Insights Weekly – March 28-April 3 2016

Expect the unexpected as the Universe gives us a big shake up. What you have know to be true, is no longer true.  Or its clearer than ever.    Watch this weeks video to here more about this week’s energetic weather So here we are.  Last week of March, first week of April.   We move from a month of engaging old ways and composting it all (a 3 calendar month/ 12 universal) into joyful curiousity using deliberate and focused rooting in who we are.( 4 calendar month, 13 universal) Loving up our home, accepting who we are, and consciously discarding whatever is no longer useful for our shelter and happiness.

Find the place within you to let go of what has held you doing things you don’t believe in.  It is a big leap, and none of us are exempt from being in the thick of reinventing our own wheel of fortune.

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Love & Royal Crowns,



Royal Insights March 20-27, 2016

Sunday the 20th in the Spring/ Autumn Equinox this year, when both night and day are equal.  A powerful time to balance our bodies with the world we live in.  To connect deeply to the relationship with have with Gaia.  Mother Earth.    We are made of earth and stardust, water and bones.

On Tuesday just past the midnight hour in Universal time the Lunar Eclipse happens.  This is on a 23 day which is a 5 of Freedom and the Sun and Moon are at 3 degrees.   Joyful, expansive, expressive. We are being urged to find the truth of our message within our creative, curious, playful, childlike energy.  Find our roots.  Beyond the illusion.  Lots of emotional energy at play as we fight the old dragons of how it has supposed to have been.   In that fire we are burning of what has been the illusion keeping magic and our true royal sovereignity at bay.   Now rise the Dragons of Lore, to take us on a road trip of  our lives, if we are willing to follow the flight.    Nothing is as it was, so everything is up for change.

Dreams are being Drawn.  We emerge into the age of the Practical Dreamer.  We have completed a cycle and begin anew.   If you would like to receive these weekly video reports in your inbox sign up here.

Love & Crowns,