Trump and the Election Furor

I woke up this morning with a fascinating thought in my head ( I often receive powerful information just before I awaken) both simple and kind of scary.

Shower Trump with love. Him of the orange hair and gasbag bullying tendencies who has given his followers permission to punch each other.  Shower them all with love and let the fire die.

Easier said than done.

I went to bed after watching a couple of disturbing videos about the phenomenon that is Trump and his followers.  Trump Tribe.

I want to ignore him.  I have laughed at him, and as a Diviner I know his purpose.  Still that said.  I am disturbed by his behaviour which is ugly, and more disturbed by the reactions his behaviour elicits in others.

There's nothing so kingly as kindness, and nothing so royal as truth.Alice Cary

We have lived so long in a society ruled by bullies.  Who has not been trumped by a bully in some way, shape or form?    Our society gives bullies lots of room to bully.  We don’t lead them into rooms where they will never get another moment of press or attention.   Instead we blindly follow his lead, crying in anguish.. We, who have been victims of bullies, feed the flame.  We are conditioned to let bullies bully.  Especially ones who have connections.  Maybe some among us hope he will make a big stinking mess, and allow the ones in the shadows to takeover.  Create order from chaos.

Trump is a bully who doesn’t give a shit. Really he is a shit stirrer of the highest order.  He could be headmaster of a school for optimal bullying.  It is the only thing I have seen him do well.
If he doesn’t want to do something – like take part in a debate, for whatever reason (no matter how tiny) – he declares – ‘we have had enough debates‘. Debate is cancelled.  Seriously?

Even though Trump has never actually debated.

He does not have the capacity to debate. It is as if a thought pops into his head and he speaks it. He is fully connected to his sense of self, and appears to have absolutely no connection to anything outside of his own reality.   He just makes shit up as he goes along.  Because he is the King of Bullies.  Heralded because he can yell ‘You are fired!” them we all grovel wanting the rich man to throw us a bone.

If, after the fact if someone points a finger at him, he uses the military defense technique and throws blame at them. (they made him do it) smothering them in mud, and urging everyone to sling mud too, fighting his battles.  Drown the person who dared to criticize him, while Trump stands by innocent.

Truthfully I do not like bullies.     I despise their lack of integrity, and their use of fear to crush their opponent.

I went to bed last night beyond understanding. I don’t get involved in politics, pretty much, anymore because, for me it is often a circus without substance.

A figurehead spouts words,  those who choose to worship said figurehead become repositories for all the drops sprayed from the mouth of the big head.  Till they are awash in the slogans and spouting them too.  The believing game.  We believe those who utter the words we desperately want to hear.

Trump has upped the ante in the political arena.  Bloated by his triumph since he lacks filters and his actions have been admired, brings the expression – the end justifies the means, to mind.

Does it?  Even Trump followers are blinded by his rhetoric.  Some don’t believe he means what he says. Others believe it too well.  They have started punching people in the face. Thinking they are going to have Big Daddy Trump handing out millions and bullying the world to protect them.

Trump has given millions of people the opportunity to justify their fears,  hatred of anything or anyone that is fair game for why their life sucks, because apparently someone else stole their beautiful life from them. They are innocent. Its the rest of the world that needs punishment to shape up.

Trump activates the latent bullies in society.

He has a vested interest in doing so – because it works.   This activation of what they call the Authoritarian personality types (people who want everyone to stay in their own pigeon hole no matter what or be punished for it) live life in fear.  In negativity.  They fear change.

Ironically change happens no matter how much you punch people in the face who mess with your idea of paradise, or who seem to leads you to that illusion of victory.

Classic case of a victim who clutches the cloak that convinces him he is better than the rest of us.  All because he has never been empowered only manipulated.

Which brings me back to my dream.   I know loving people who hate you, seems like the woo woo declaration of an addle pated spinster who is lost in a dream world.  But, while I might be addlepated, woo woo (to some) and a spinster of sorts, this would not be my solution.   I am so angry.  To see human beings using each other as bullets, creating a frenzy of bullies, churns my stomach.  It brings out the warrior in me.   I want to do damage. The only way I know how. With the words I use.

But.  I know what Trump is here to do, in this 7 calendar year.  9 universal year.   He is here to make us face our fear.  To be the monkey who tests our metal.   Will we do what the other monkeys do?   Will we worship Trump because he can gather hateful masses ?  Refuse obligation because he doesn’t feel like it and somehow we see that as heroic? (maybe he is having a bad wig day or he feels dissed) or he doesn’t want to face any flak. No matter.  To me it looks like he rather other people take the flak. While he pontificates, as a self crowned king.  Must be a heady feeling. to believe as the one who wore an invisible suit because no one told him otherwise.

Yes, as long as we have people agreeing with us and/or fighting us we must be winning right? All powerful right?  Wrong.  Yet.  Changing patterns and belief systems that have been shoved down our throats for centuries takes looking at. What appeals to the masses and why? (suppressing what upsets our leaders, being angry enough to punch people for our king, making everyone just follow the rules) without every questioning how that will improve our lives.  It is the greedy leading the blind.

We must own that we have been victims in society for so long.  Familiar with how that feels. Punching the air, feeling controlled by circumstances and people we have no control over. Angry that someone will take away our job, our belief that we are superior.   We don’t want to take responsibility for our life.  We want big daddy king to save us, throw us gold coins, tell us what to do.

Yes and this is what Trump is bringing out into our midst.  What people will do when they are in fear.   I am astonished how well people treat Trump.  Considering how badly he treats most people.  It is the power struggle writ in the stars.   We follow our truth and accept responsibility for our situation, love all we have, even though it has difficult moments or we follow a trumped up king.  Who tricks us into beating each other up, so we won’t notice how little he cares about our plight.

So back to love.   The missive was clear.  Shower Trump and his followers in love.  Fill the air with love, let it get sticky with the substance.  Let Trump and his followers get caught in the honey trap of love.  Immobilized.

See when we throw anger, or mockery at Trump that fire blows his balloon bigger.  He gets more attention, more followers, more verbose and dangerous.   The life blood of his campaign and Kingdom of Bullies depends on the anger we all feel.  We are feeding the flame, keeping it alive.  Helping the monster to grow.

With just love being chucked his way, his balloon loses air.  His ability to inflame diminishes. You can’t have love and fear in the same space.   Bullies are stilled by love.  Probably because they have no idea what it feels like.

I have no plans to go to a Trump rally or even engage in a discussion but I will send as much love as I can to bury them all.  I want a blanket of love to smother and silence them.  To bring them to the awareness that while fear may be a quickie in the dark, love is the orgasm that truly empowers and frees us all.    No strings.  Just love.  Loving the beauty of who they are underneath that nasty mask of hate and fear.  There is no illusion, just acceptance.   Letting love run rampant, consuming and extinguishing the hate.

Yes I will be offering love piled high.  I will not allow myself to fight this battle of the ages by being on the defensive.   I will be victorious because love conquers all.   Even bullies, hatemongers, scum of earth.     Composted by love. Made more reachable and reasonable by love.

What about you  – will you join me on the journey of love.  Focus on what you want to see more of in the world. Or continue to rampage for or against Trump?

Love is the most powerful warrior of all.  Not blind love, love given with the sight of clarity.

Jeweled Crowns,


Anything of Value in Beauty?

I have done it.  I do it.  Taken the inheritance of life,  bestowed in trust upon us, a grant from God/ Source, if you will, for granted.
This Grant which is made more clear and dear by what we value in the Royal Crown of what matters to us as individuals.  Freedom to choose the flags we wave.


Yet tossing words around like ‘my values’  can be easy to utter, harder to honor. If I start listing what I value, what makes me feel good and what I want more of, can I put those values into words, enough to give what I care about the devotion they need?
Few enough to crisply steer my boat in the waters of life?    With direction enough to use those values as a map to mark my journey?

What do I value?  How do I measure my self worth?  What floats my boat? Gets me up in the morning? Keeps me going long after the lights go out?  Do you have a list you consult? That keeps your hearth burning while you do your daily tasks?

Let me start with what I know, to guide this list. I am a Taurus.  My values are connected to Venus.

Beauty. Integrity. Wealth. Love. Luxury. Safety. Truth. Passion. Creativity.  Being a woman. My home. Family. Yes all matter to me.

So first on the list. Beauty.

Beauty is so important to me.  I NEED to be surrounded by beauty. Yes it is an innate desire. Essential to my quality of life. From Light that pours into my room to a view that opens up space in my heart.

If I don’t have beauty in my life, the light dims.  I lose interest.  I lose hope.
What about you?  What is beautiful to you? What fires up your neurons on a dull day? Or when your heart is heavy?

My love of Beauty is why I take so many photos.  Attempting to capture a moment of beauty in a glass. A specimen, proof, that beauty constantly regroups and releases her scent.  Hilarious really, how I can get lost in a moment. Delicious too. Swallowed up in delight of noticing how glorious life is.

I have thousands of photos.  Each is an ALTAR to BEAUTY.  I don’t really need to hoard these moments.  But will I click the button and delete them all, because a moment once captured is held in time somewhere forever?  Probably not.  Because I can scroll back and see the shine. Be reminded. For a little while longer.
But if they all disappeared? Would I mourn their loss? No because Beauty is regenerative. Everywhere there is proof that Beauty lives all around us.

Beauty is one of those values that is often denigrated as if it is something worthless. Too shallow to believe in.  Yet if we didn’t get turned on by beauty how flat life would be.  Sometimes I walk in nature, which I value so profoundly. I desire pristine nature to have its way, to woo us till we die.

Not all swallowed up by the grasping hand of greed that decimates earth for the sake of one more burger or another load of matchsticks to More for Less.
Nature, in her beauty let’s me just walk in wonder, filled to bursting with the generosity she gives. A glimpse of beauty expands my sense of wealth and pride.  The colors, sounds, light, feel, everything alive, bustling with energy.  Growing, moving, changing, dying. A constant cycle, ode to joy.

Nature reminds me how precious beauty is.  It fills up my cup when I feel lost, useless, in despair. Hurting or confused.

Nature has no agenda but to be.  Like art.  When I see beautiful art I am captivated, awed.  My heart beats really fast as I am transported to a different place. One where anything is possible, and I am fortunate in witnessing that anything in technicolor.  It makes me love life more.  My child excited, enjoying who she is. Alert to her present moment.   I think that is what beauty represents.  The present moment.  When nothing else exists but the exquisite work of the Divine.

Art inspires me to be more creative.   When I hear beautiful music I am enchanted, intrigued at how the sound can make me feel beauty, and beautiful all at once.  Like all is right with the world no matter what is happening. Some small piece of beauty holds everything together, till it can grow back over the damage. Sweetening life for us all.

When I see a woman beautiful in her confidence, or children enjoying an experience without thought of what was, or what is future, I am uplifted and reinvigorated.


It would be a challenge to go on, when life seems like a stab in the chest, if I didn’t have beauty to comfort me and heal those scabs.  To hold me in her softness, her truth. Bless me like a prayer.   When I walk into my living room and see the things I treasure welcoming me, all harmonious and gorgeous, sitting side by side, creating a sacred space, a room for me to fully be me in.

A rose, a scent, a downpour, a sky full of stars or even a shape of a cloud can sweep me into the incredible beauty that colors life with a rainbow. Yes, Beauty to me is the pot of gold.

The value of Beauty in my life is incalculable.

Beauty reminds me of what is worth pursuing – the carrot in my life.  Keeping me striving to be a better person, a more beautiful being.  Living my life surrounded by daily reminders of what beauty is and does, guiding me to be the most I can be. Flowering and renewing. Climbing to the sky.

Holy. Whole. Full. Complete. Reaching the ultimate crowning glory of who I came to be. Feet deep in the joy of it all. Right now!

What does beauty gift to you?  Is it one of your core values?

I would love to know what you think about Beauty. How she shines her light in your life.

May 2015 Numbers

Every month arrives chock full of numbered intelligence.
Giving us clues into how to manage and manifest the best outcome.

sheep by numbers 2

May is the 5th month of the year, traditionally in the northern hemisphere, a time to nurture the planted seeds for season. Or allow the ground to relax. in the southern hemisphere.

5 is the number of change.  As seedlings sprout putting down roots, life changes to meet the growth. There are things to tend to, which call on our flexibility, adventurous spirit and intelligence of mind.  Giving us the courage and confidence to take risks. Try new things.

This year May is a 13 month.  (5+2+0+1+5)
Thirteen is that much aligned number.  Called the number of rebirth.
Perfect number to follow the powerful eclipses of April.    Easter/Passover are festivals that illustrate the cycles of life, change, death and renewal.  Which is where we are, newly hatched and a little tender.  Incredibly intense feelings are working their way through us, integrating this renaissance (french for rebirth) into standing in our own source of truth. Naked and happily exploring.

13 is the number of Power and Transformation. That classic Rise of the Phoenix from the ashes.  Whatever is no longer burned down, creating a nest to be newly hatched into wholeness. The alchemy of change fires up virgin growth.  Virgin in the original meaning is a woman not belonging to a man, rather a woman who was “one-in-herself.”  Not a chattel or a belonging, instead independent and self empowered)

1 is the number of new beginnings in action, 3 is the number of creative self expression, birthing of new meaningful discoveries through play.
1 plus 3 equals 4.  Number that grounds ideas into matter.  Makes material,  orderly plan.
4 is a key player in the manifesting triad of 2, 4 & 8.  The organizational arm of success.

Since we are in an 8 universal year (2+0+1+5)  the 8 & 4 are both triggered in May.

4 & 8 are a karmic couple, creating Destined events and experiences.

The Divine Feminine, Sacred symbol of true empowerment is represented in the 13. The quote, supposedly uttered by the Dalai Lama “western women will save the world” he was referring to the power of the 13.  Women embodying their Sacred Stance, leading the charge to freedom, by being fully self empowered.
Self Empowered – meaning running 100% on energy from within. Every. Single. Person. Now that would be an example worth emulating and spreading around the world.
We don’t save the world by telling people what to do. We do it by showing them how it is done. This is where the number 13 is helping us to revolutionize our world from within.

There are two magnificent moons in May. Each one mirror the other and triggering more 8’s and 4’s. The codes are delicious and bountiful.
May 4th (late 3rd in US) Full moon in Scorpio, ruled by Pluto planet of Power and transition which matches the 13. Sun in Taurus, both at 13 degrees. Forming a powerful connection to Jupiter, planet of plenty in Leo (which rules the sun) also at 13 degrees.  Incredible three 13’s in a 13 month on a 4 day. A whopping quadruple 4. Plus the universal date by numbers is a 17. Which is an 8 (1+7) Number of immortality, leaving a legacy and representing the Star of Venus. (Feminine energy, beauty and abundance)

4 & 8  Discipline & Determination activating Destiny for all of us.    In this year of conscious creation taking small steps to reach a measurable goal is required,  for that you need a plan.  Actively creating structure and systems to make money, get paid to work your passion.   Jupiter provides opportunities, 8 gives you courage, 4 wants you to tend to the details. Now. This month. A highly fortunate time to lay down the foundations, map out the strategy of what you want, design the inner sanctum you desire, so that it can bear fruit and flowers.

The new Moon falls on May 18th in most of the world (17 is the US).  Moon & Sun in Taurus at 26 degrees.  That is an 8 (2+6) universal date is 22  (1+8+5+2+0+1+5)  master number of architecture and 2+2=4.  The new moon inverses the full moon numbers of May.   Mercury goes retrograde on the 18th later in the day.  Giving you plenty of time to plan without rushing into action.

13 month. 31 days. Number of rebirth and genius.  Now is the time to put your mind, creativity and brilliance into laying the groundwork for how you will stimulate your abundant flow.   Your money meter is going to be off the charts this month, if you follow the guidance, and consciously engage in building the life you want.  13 has no interest in excuses.  It follows the order of nature.  What is seeded, watered and cared for grows.  What is neglected dies.

What are your feelings about the Month of May and the number 13?




Number 12. Learning from our journey.

Beginning of April I started this 30 days of Vulnerability sojourn on Facebook.
No coincidence really that this showed up in my life. I am both willing and resistant to this un-peeling of ugliness and beauty.
There is incredible Freedom in looking back and reframing my truth in a new way. From my current place of light living.

April 2015 is a Universal 12 month.(4+2+0+1+5 adds up to 12). Every month and every date has two numbers the Universal and the Gregorian. Each of us has our own calendar too. Its a soup of symbols that guide us. A light along our journey.

12 is an interesting number on the Universal scale.
One of profound learning. 12 teaches us to gain insight through experience. It is our teacher.
Universal numbers indicate where the grit lies in our lives, to help us heal. No matter where we are, or who we are, everyone of us is feeling this energy to some degree. Awakened by the power of the universal codes that ripple through every part of our world.
12 is the number that highlights how we process our life journey. Bringing together our inner Leader and follower. Balance and vision, relationship to our own limits and desires. How we arrange the pieces that fall into our lap so we can make beautiful magic from it or a symphony of dischord and blame.

The universe loves to give us what we say we crave.

‘Free Will’ oh how we love to declare that our hands are tied, that our fate is sealed and we have no free will.
And of course it is convenient to cozy up to that belief. Heavens knows how much I have used that fateful hand to go along for the ride, feeling superior and resentful. On the one hand, look at the lousy hand life has played me, and on the other, what can I do? I am powerless to stop the antics of people who do terrible things. I used to go down that dangerous slope feeling so sorry for myself and yes thinking the world was going to hell in a hand basket.

But remember that free will option? Yes the number 12 gives it to us. Freely.
Because life is full of experience. Is there a day that doesn’t pass when we are not being confronted by things that have us feeling crowded into a corner, or discovering new wondrous things we had no idea were possible? This is our field of experience. Call us scientists of discovery, unraveling the mysteries of what our own lives reveal.

So while the 12 is our teacher, wanting us to absorb the best of what we have learned through living, she gives us the option to think of it all as crap.
To stay in the learning cycle, stuck in the groove like a broken record, wailing out the same phrase.

Or to leap into a whole new song. The Ode to Joy and New Inventions – using our scientific evidence to create amazing new things we can revel in. 1 plus 2 make 3.
3 is JOY. Giving us total freedom to slide down the long slide from integrating to becoming a child of our experience.

Using what we discovered to make mud pies out of mud. Dancing naked in the sunlight, chasing butterflies or capturing rainbows.

Building a captivating castle to house the emotions of self expression, that free us from the illusionary prison of our own shadows.

I used to believe my life was a dirt. That I had no value or purpose.

Now I know that belief is the magic switch that I can flick up or down. The only thing I can control in my life is what I believe, and how I react when mud flies in and stick to me. When I am out in the world and for instance feel jealousy creeping over me, because someone is getting more attention than me. Or getting the attention I think should be mine. I no longer let those types of responses shut me down.

Rather I ponder ‘Will my jealousy bring me more attention?’ ‘ Will it stroke my ego and light my creative soul, so that I can be seen?’

The answers are clear. NO. a thousand times no.

Jealousy only makes me feel less worthwhile. It brings up every moment I have felt jealous and justified like a trail of vomit. Stinking, cloying and trapping me in places I cannot live happily.
It stings me and stains my skin, takes me out of this present moment. Holds me resentful, and of no use to anyone. Useless to myself and where I want to grow.

Of course I can shove down the jealousy and berate myself. But I prefer to be kind, compassionate and lend a willing ear to my inner child who is whining.
Because if she had been heard the first time, or the tenth time, maybe she wouldn’t be whining now.

What does she need? She needs to know she has value. That she is important, loved, celebrated.

Oh yes. I can do that. I can give myself a creative project to explore my value. Recognize my virtue and comfort my shushed pieces.
With that I feel the tears of joy. The ones that say I am so glad you can see all of me. Even the bits you don’t want to see.
Yes my vulnerability stings, but it helps me release the layers of bitterness I have clung to beyond the sell by date.

When we are whole, we can love on a greater scale. Our Joy can reach the stars and the crystal core of Earth Mother’s heart.
The 12 invites you to entertain your Jubilance. Birth new ways to use old, outdated no longer needed stories. Paper the walls you can paint over on.

The child within me salutes the child within you.

Earth Day by Numbers

4.22 a powerful numbered date that represents Earth Day beautifully.
Since 4 is the number of Earth.   4 sides of a home, 4 pillars that reach deep into soil, to stand upright.
22 is the Master Architect, number of Peace.  2 plus 2 equals 4.
2 is the relationship number.  Bridging worlds, communication and partnership.

2 and 4 are both manifesting numbers.  They are the detail and planning numbers that create reality.
The reality and relationship we have with life on earth.
Without Gaia,  Mother Earth, Land we live on and from, we would not be here.
Our world we stand on, with the gravitational pull is created for us as our home.

4 is the number of the home and builder.  22 is the the Master architect who plans both a structure of beauty and function.   April is the month of Spring of Fall. Where nature begins to seed new flowers and life, or rest the well used land in preparation for the next spring growth.

Fertilizing and planning.  Or lying fallow, to integrate the old to become new again.
roots structure 4
The earth constantly is in motion of her cycle.   Reminding us that when we plant seeds, we need a plan to water, cherish and cultivate our garden of life.

I like thinking about life as a Garden.  We can begin with the Garden of Eden and how that flourished and what happened at the gates of Paradise.   We all have our own version of what we believe happened.  I know that  – No garden can be Paradise without Paradox.

Right now we have a beautiful triangle of growth between Pluto, Mercury and Mars. (Well Mars, that fiery passionate force is a little ahead) but still engaged with the transformational power Pluto brings, deepened in retrograde and the clear bright communication of Mercury.  All connected through number 15, representing this calendar year.

1+5 =6.   An alchemical conflagration of sorts, encouraging our true natures to be out in the open, wholy loving who we are and all that shows up in our world. Constantly in the spirit of service to ourselves and others.  Whether we need to seed or be seeded, watered or lie fallow, allow the shift in order that all can unfold to yield a bountiful crop.

To prepare us to bare all and bear fruit, not dependent on anyone liking us or us paying homage to what we distrust.   Rather we are being asked to recognize what is good in true in the earth, and within and all around us.  To focus on that.  See it, believe and trust it.
The universal number 16 (1+6=7) for today gives us the inspired brilliance and boldness to honor our livelihood and relationship with Mother Earth in the present moment.  All the good in the world, that seeds more good, and more nourishment so that we may all flourish, as responsible Sacred keepers of our resources.  Limitless only if we let the natural cycles dictate the rhythm.

Your body and the body of the earth are finite.  Every relationship needs a balance and a master plan developed through a systematized, functional foundation.   Use the wisdom of the earth to plant a harvest that will serve your greatest good, and free your soul.  Mother Earth needs you, just as you need her.   This is a heavenly partnership on earth.

Path to Freedom

I wasn’t always a healer.  Now I proudly wave that flag.  Part of the healer within me lies in my numbers.  7 is the number of wisdom.   Looking to the past and through flashes of brilliance paving the way to the future.  Of course a pavement is still a walkway.  There is only one way to walk.
freed omOne step at a time.  In the present.

I am also an ordinary woman.  Yes I have talent and skills, as does everyone on the planet.

The more I move into my heart the more I can embrace my gifts with grace. The  greater is my ability to heal myself and others.

Love is that doorway on the path that fills me with the ability to accept who I am now.

Not someone who is lacking anything, rather someone who is perfect in her imperfection, right for right now, stepping toward greater knowing and being.

On the path to enlightenment.

Actually for many people that might sound ridiculous.  For me, the idea that there was a path to enlightenment certainly sounded ridiculous for a long time.

Yes. I scoffed at the very idea that a greater power cared about me.  Or that I could do anything or be anything that could make a difference in this world.   I abhorred the idea of being religious or spiritual.  I wanted only to be free.
3 womenSpiritual people were weird.  They wanted me to conform, wear ugly clothes, walk around chanting and brain washing people.   Of course that was my own dogma keeping me trapped in the idea that by being spiritual I was subject to other people’s clay infusions of what spirit meant.

Since I am motivated by freedom, sometimes I let rebellion fool me into thinking that is freedom.   Of course rebellion is just rebellion, unless I am standing firm in what I wish to practice.

A lot of my life has been spent in the trenches crying for freedom, without really being willing to stand up for my own freedom.  It is a double edged sword.  If I wish to be free (and I do) then I have to put my money where my mouth is.   Isn’t that an interesting phrase?

What am I willing to sacrifice to truly be free.  What fire will I walk through?

I wanted freedom, which I thought it meant defying systems and order.  Being an anarchist.  Burning up the old.   But I never understood what needed to be in place, for after the burning.

Freedom might be a country, but it has its own rules and code of conduct.  To have freedom, everyone who wants it, who wants to live in that place, has to be honorable, and trust a higher power.

We have to come from that same place.
chocolate desserts
Indulgence in self is not freedom.  Eating as much as I want whenever I want.  Is that freedom or another trap that tricks me into thinking I am free?  If I am slave to having certain foods, or not wanting to leave the comfort of my couch, because there are no chocolates on the road to freedom, am I on my true path?

There might be chocolate in Freedom.  And I hope there is.  But will that stop me from making the journey?  No.  Because Spirit is what drives my why, not chocolate.

Chocolate is a sweetmeat, a small indulgence in a moment.  Not a bad thing, not a good thing.  Just a moment of pleasure.   Chocolate is not Freedom.  Because chocolate is a thing. It may give me pleasure but it is not my only source of pleasure.  I want my drive to be enlightened, inspired with passion and sharing my gifts for those who resonate to my code.  Who are willing to forego chocolate so that the sacred taste buds of the heart mind and soul can all be lit up with the joyful healing of being fully awake and celebrating the richness of life.  Right now.

What do you want on your path to freedom, and what will inspire you to get up off the couch?

Allowing Grace

In January 2015 I met Michelle Radomski in person at an event called  It’s Your Turn. We had come together to celebrate the new style of women doing business together.

During the experience,  Michelle and I were drawn to one another.  We decided to indulge in some double dipping – delicious idea invented by Joie Gharrity, where she and I would pool resources and share some of our talents in a new way.

Voila!  (that’s French for and here it is)

We each picked a card from the assortment of cards Michelle had brought that are illustrated with her beautiful mandalas.  The first one was I believe,  you can read all about what that means by the numbers here.

The second card Allowing Grace, finished the sentence.

Michelle Radomski_allowing grace
I Believe in Allowing Grace.   
When you know the numeric resonance of a phrase it can shift so many things.

Allowing Grace.   This phrase adds up to number 64.  Yes that number we use as in – What is the $64 question – meaning do you know the answer to that difficult question?

Six is for love, and its an emotional number. Four is for order, and is a manifesting number (to make things real) and they add up to a 10.  10 reduces to 1 (since 0 has no value) and the 1 is a number of new beginnings.  It is a mind number.  All three triads are represented, which is a powerful statement in a phrase.

The 6 in ‘Allowing Grace’  repeats the love and echoes the 6 of the word believe and phrase I believe.
There is a 4 in both I believe and Allowing Grace. 4 is the number of roots, and order.

6 plus 4 becomes 10.  The core universal numbers of instant manifestation.  Basically producing what you believe.   So Allowing Grace is in essence another way of saying I believe.
The 10 reduces to 1.  The first number of new beginnings, vision and taking action.

This number 1 reveals that this phrase ‘Allowing Grace‘ can lead us to a place of glory, to everything we desire, if we are willing to believe, allow, and then lead and act from that  sacred place.  The perfect balance of ying and yang.

When we go deeper into the individual words in the phrase we find out that Allowing equals 39.  3+9=12. 1+2=3

12 is a number of learning, which instructs us to imbue what we have learned into birthing creative self expression and thereby making joy.  This means we need to rejoice in the discovery that allowing brings.
3 is also an emotional number like 6 and 9.

Grace equals 25,  2+5=7
25 is the number of the spiritual reformer.  Encouraging us to transcend through spiritual insight..
The 7 is a mystical number that asks us to trust our Divine Instincts enough to know our own beliefs.

So in the end, and in the beginning,  we always have belief.

Michelle Radomski and I

Michelle Radomski and I in Pismo Beach

What do you believe?

The other day I lost something and went back where I thought it might be. (several days had passed by the time I realized it was lost)

While I waited for the man to check, I pulled out the two cards of Michelle’s we had chosen,  and gazed at them, reading the words  ‘I believe in Allowing Grace’ over and over, feeling my heart open to the prayer within.
Not judging or deciding.  Just trusting.

A few minutes later the man came back with my item.
I really was ready to sing out Hallelujah.

I am a believer.

I Believe

A couple weeks ago I met Michelle Radomski in person after connecting with her on facebook for a while.. I was fascinated by her exquisite mini jeweled mandalas that are designed from a word or phrase.Michelles CardsPeople were choosing a word of the year and Michelle was creating a divine visual.

We decided to use Michelle’s beautiful business cards, the backs of which were graced with gorgeous colors and a word mandala made by Michelle’s own hands., and I would explore the number meanings of the phrases.

michelle R and me

Michelle & I

We each picked a card and the 2 phrases formed a cool sentence.

“I believe in Allowing Grace.”
What I discovered is pretty astonishing :

Starting with ‘I believe’
What beautiful energy in those two words. When you chant them as an incantation the vibration of possibility arises around you.

Looking deeper into the letters, adding up the corresponding numbers, equals 42 which when added up again makes 6 (4+2) number of human love, service and self care.
It also accentuates a major number of our 21st century year 2015 since. 1+5=6
That in and of it’s self speaks volumes. This year is about birthing our joy through love, being of service to self and others. We do need to believe in love to embrace it.

The phrase ‘I believe’ begins with an I which equals a 9. Number of compassion, release and endings. 9 is called the King of numbers because it contains all the numbers within itself, wise and sometimes overbalanced with too much ego.
Both 9 & 6 are emotional numbers, ruled by feelings. In fact they resemble reversed forms of one another.
Michelle Radomski i believeBelief flourishes when it begins with you and travels into everything you see
creating waves of wonder

The word Believe itself adds up to a 6, just like I believe. How wild is that?
It is actually 33 a Master number of double creativity.
3+3=6 also known as the Christ conscious number.
We have 33 vertebrae in our spine, which is what allows us to stand, bend and adjust to everything in life.
Either we carry the world on our shoulders bent over in pain, or align our spine to walk with ease in the world embracing our creative joyful self expression, in awe with life.

If you ever find yourself slipping down that slope of feeling injured because someone else is making you feel bad saying the ‘I believe mantra’ can ground you in a different reality.
Say it out loud until you feel it in your spine. I believe in who I am. I believe my value
I believe in allowing Grace. Use the Mandala to guide your breath.

Read all about the ‘Allowing Grace’ next week.

New Friends, True Friends

What would life look like without friends?  The very word FRIENDSHIP contains kindness, joyful encounters worth treasuring.  Strong, long and deep. Short and sweet. whatever the flavor, every friendship counts. And when you get to make new friends true friends, its truly a jewel to value.

its your turn 1 named and cropped

One day I realized that true friends don’t look or act a particular way. I don’t like them because I ‘should,’ but because I simply do. It’s a matter of the heart that can happen in an instant or develop over a period of time. Discovering new friends is like exploring the world. When we do it with a mind and heart open to possibilities and love, connection and magic are bound to happen.”  Kayce Stevens Hughlett

While not every moment is a unicorn moment, with those we love and linger with, we do grow with our friends and through them.  What would travel or meals be like, without our darling peeps to share it all with?

F vibrates to the energy of the number six, as does words that begin with an F like friends, fun and family.  The number of ourf named calendar year 15 (1+5) is 6. So this year, we are being called to make new friends, and cherish the ones we have. To Focus on the joy of connection by using those meaningful moments to open our hearts. The letter F faces forward, almost like a body eagerly bounding towards the moment. Full. Flowing. Fabulous. Free.

6 is a number of Love and Abundance, passionately engaged, listening to your heart and living from that warmth, which includes savoring the tasty morsels of friendship.   On a journey for more girlfriend time and in my case combining business with pleasure, because it is all pleasure.

its your turn 2 named

The six is compassionate and nurturing. Friendship doesn’t need sacrifice or suffering, just love and acceptance. A friend lets you go on about the niggling stuff that annoys you, till its time to set you straight. They hold you upright when your soul tears apart. Friends don’t make you pull yourself together, they let you flow back into you, when the time is right.  Stronger, wiser, more certain. Therein lies the beauty of friendship.  Nothing is too much or too little. It is all perfect.

Last weekend was a new friend extravaganza.   I took a jubilant ride on a 3 day trip to an event we are all part of, with two funny, fabulous women I scarcely knew.  This journey richly rewarded our willingness to explore, not just what was out the window, but the exquisite tapestry that wove us together across the miles.

its your turn 5 cake name

Bright beautiful Sunshine Sue, a self-empowerment humorist, all round ray of light and irreverent story teller, who dubs her journey from ‘fry girl’ to ‘rocket scientist’ at NASA, and the glorious, gorgeous Kayce, artist of living, practicing her passions for writing, speaking, lifestyle coaching and taking groups for soul strolls in Paris.

Yes there were three.  Kayce, Sunshine and Me.  Maybe we weren’t in Paris but we were determined to enjoy the ride to and from Shell Beach.  Starting with the first night where we landed up waiting for other early arrivers at the wrong restaurant, and decided to stay anyway.

its your turn 3 named

We laughed till we cried, spilled secrets and truths as friendship knit us together, 3 women going south to an event of around 30.  Before this trip I knew Sunshine Sue a little and Kayce even less. Kayce and I had never had a live conversation or met in person.  What a tribute to friendship and the energy of 6.  3 and 6 are both part of the emotional triad, that invoke feelings.   We all showed up and unrolled the red carpet to trust and spontaneity.

That connection deepened in memorable moments, walking by the ocean, donning hats that belonged to Doris, (Sunshine Sue’s grandmother) recorded by the obligatory and hilarious selfie, to savoring the flavors of wine in Edna Valley and our whims as we drove back north. Indulging in what my fabulous new friend Kayce calls ‘soul strolling’ with a sense of contentment and happiness.

Gleefully we stopped at the Madonna Inn to grin into curly carvings and gasp at the restrooms, (the mens room has a waterfall and yes we did go in) more laughter and selfies ensued. Moving on to San Luis Obispo we stopped to breathe in hand made soap scents like chocolate and wine, and each bought something that spoke of her personality.

its your turn cones named

Then we discovered a good spot to eat along the river and lingered over a tasty meal, talking, laughing as the sun went down and the moon rose over the mission.    On the way out we stopped for ice cream cones, all the while enjoying the beauty and blessing of new friends, true friends.

Even as we rose early the next morning to drive the last miles before parting, and stood in that a threesome hug, there was that unspoken knowing that at any moment in the future, we could pile in for another road trip and make magic all over again.

What is your best friendship memory?  Do you have a story about friends or what the number 6 means to you?  One thing I realized on this trip is the Sunshine Sue, Kayce and I loved sharing our stories.  They connected us closely and quickly.

If you want to know what your numbers say about you, feel free to dally on my services page here.

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Love,   Jen signature




Sun & Moon more than orbs in the sky

A new moon rose January 20. A double 00 meeting of mind and heart. Sun and Moon nestle next to one another on the new moon, for a birthing and lie opposite each other on the full moon (the completion). Isn’t that fascinating?

Why do Diviners go on and on about the MOON?

the moon named

The moon represents our emotional home, those watery ties to who we are beneath the surface.  Our physical home is a scratching post for what really lies beneath.  Knowing who we are on a core level is so intriguing and magnetic. Which is why those tests on desire and personalities are so appealing.We are drawn to these bodies of discovery because feelings rule our lives. A creative urge begins the journey to self express.  To understand our path.

The feminine energy in our souls clings in our bodies,  and when we are in hiding gets covered up with weight, clothes, all manner of pretending.  I can laugh about it now (with deep compassion) because I have been there.  Hiding is safe habit for me, been doing it for a long long time. Happily I have found a willingness to shed those layers, a work in progress still.  So give yourself kudos for staying on the trail, where ever you are right now.

When you think about it, the Moon, our mother, our secret self, is full of water.  She controls the tides after all.  Water can be crystal clear, cloudy, calm, shallow, still, swift,  a deep liquid swarming with all manner of beasties within.   Water helps us navigate those tricky depths and flow around the distractions. Water just keeps moving with the life that moves within it.

The moon in its purest form is a diamond, a hard crystal that gets to the heart of the matter.  The Sun on the other hand is the surface of our life.  Walls, bricks, straw.  The impression we stamp on the world.  Our conscious mind that materializers the magic of womb and imagination into tangible form. Doer in the light. Our Hero – prime real estate because it is the result of achievement that gets us to do more..  we want our day in the Sun.


So where the Moon is soft and secret, with hidden caves, the Sun is fire, it ignites, & energizes everything.  Lights the way, encouraging exploration and development.  Many people, including me get really miserable when too much time goes by without the sun shinning his bright yellow shield of gold in the sky.  We even celebrate achievement with golden statues, in honor of the sun.  Gold is precious because it truthfully speaks of wealth in a way we understand and connects us to the alchemy or making hay while the sun shines.  The Sun is the warrior within us, the challenger, father and provider.

We get emotion churned up in the moonlight, dreaming of golden palaces.  Building castles to self expression, joy, well being and abundance. The sun reveals our imperfections and lights a fire within us to dance in the do.  The Moon dreams and the Sun weaves.

Intention is the fire that births sand into glass.  Idea into matter.The Moon listens, the Sun brings the tools.

Silver and Gold, Hot and Cool, Masculine and Feminine, Inner and Outer, Fire and Water, Gold and Diamond, Movement and Stillness, Father and Mother. Truth and Lies, Shadow and Light. Action and dreams.

All of it a vast treasure chest awaiting our pleasure, we can dig into and dress up depending on our needs at any moment.  A vision needs a place to gestate before birth, and these jewels of sun and moon provide a cornucopia of possiblity.


The moon reminds us that we need to listen and act in order to materialize well being and prosperity into our lives.  Like the sun and moon, working in tandem, bringing us light all night and day.  Every vision needs power and action (from the sun) and meditation and sleep (from the moon)

Life, legends and legacy all needs the mother and father, heart and thought, light and dark to bloom and blossom.

If you are curious to know what your numbers can birth within you, I invite you to check out my offerings.