Bring home sensual delight

Are you connecting with the 5 senses in your homes? Set the stage for sensual delight with these easy home decorating tips:

Sight – have something stunning to catch the eye down the garden path to the door. Ribbons in the wind,

outdoor art


Sound birds, a fountain, a river of water, wind chimes, music piped outdoors to welcome guests inside

Bird baths to splash in, walls of water, bird houses – a host of them perched in the tree.

and then we are at the door

let us step in to repeat Sight with something warm and welcoming and add touch why not a beaded curtain, which includes sight touch sound

the next item is Smell.

bring something into the space to welcome the nose.

A bunch of sweet smelling daffodils or gardenias floating in

a bowl. Orange blossom, or a herb bouquet tied with a ribbon

Rosemary has a very refreshing scent . It energizes and heals.

Lavender in a pot or cut is a delight to the senses,

Lime leaves or some dried spices in an attractive display. Which pleases the eye and the senses.

Avoid dusty potpourri with curls of wood shavings and go for something charming – create your own tussie mussies or pommander

The other smelly option is to use a room spray or candles to enhance your living room or bedroom decorating.          For summer be sure to use a light refreshing scent.

check out this amazing site Aunt Sadie has a wonderful selection of candles like greengrass lemonade applepie . Makes a great leave behind gift. a smell to remember.

So for indoor eye candy, and living room decorating ideas, be sure to throw in a piece of art and some colorful pillows. Accessories are an essential design tool.

For Budget decorators, create your own art if you cant afford to buy. Try the thrift shops for incredible selection of colorful and inexpensive choices.

The local decorative shops like TJ max carry a host of affordable artwork and pillows to sink your teeth into.

Lights add color and drama. Music is a nice backdrop to live by. Set up speakers, so that you can have music where ever you go. Compile a selection of music to fit different moods.

A unit that plays the sounds of nature is so enticing. I remember going into a ladies in a village in France. When you locked the door the sounds of birds singing started, there were island flowers covering the walls, a fountain and other elements that transported one so far from the mundane of peeing and public bathrooms (another subject entirely) that I can still evoke the feeling of being delighted in that room – now that was staging!

Be sure to incorporate texture in your fabrics choices to satisfy the feeler in us all. Touch is essential Gossamer, silk linen and taffeta are all different parts of a summer mood.

When all the senses are engaged, life is sweeter. Who doesn’t love the scent of cookies baking or the delightful aroma of fresh cut grass ?

Which brings us to taste. The taste to be who you are with a soupcon of restrain. When that fails I settle for a delicious bowl of cherries, CHOCOLATE or a luscious and bodacious cocktail on my patio with the fountain singing………

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