Can I buy you a sofa?

I just moved into an apartment.  Decided to downsize my life.  My possessions.  Who needs so much stuff ?

The Dilemma for a Decorator is what to do in a new space.  A temporary space.

I had my brother staying over for a day or two.  First thing he says early Sunday morning is can I buy you a new sofa?

What ???

He tells me that although he knows I am the decorator he wants to help me with my space.

The little wooden sofa that I love, with its curvy arms I have doesnt fit the “style” of my new space.

and its too darn SMALL.   True, I am planning to get new cushions,  I just haven’t decided what fabric to fall for.

Neither do my fifties chairs that were my mother’s  or the curved two rattan chairs that invite you sit in, that were actually purchased by El Hubbo for his office.

Probably doesn’t fit his style of what he thinks “the style” of the place should be.

He is not imagining cool couch lines

So while I let my imagination run wild,  with sofas dotting the horizon with visions ofwhich sofa would I choose if he really was going to buy me a sofa ?

He  elaborates on what kind of sofa will do the job.

A big sofa,  that fills the space.with a matching piece (also big, no doubt) that would attach on one side.

A modern Italian sofa (which I could love in my space if I wasnt planning to move in a year or so)

or is he thinking Ikea meets Jennifer convertibles?  Found lots of funny sofas to make yourself, and more while browsing seating choices.

Frightening.  I think I will buy my own sofa, if indeed I decide to get one.

I start to ponder the question.

Sofa meets Jennifer – why would I buy a sofa to fit the space when I am here for a short while.

Why would I change my rooms because my brother says so ?

Never, never listen to a guy when you are deliberating  aesthetic appeal,  unless he is born with the design gene!

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Can I buy you a sofa? — 2 Comments

  1. LOL! I love your sense of humor! Wow! You are opening up a completely new world to me… I never really think carefully about my furniture choices… hmmm… I need to subscribe to your blog… 🙂

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