Buying a Sofa

Buying a sofa can be daunting.  One thing I tell my clients, you can compromise on love but never on a sofa!

My client Corinnea called me over to help her decide on a sofa.  They have a small living room. Finally she is ready to get rid of the white sofas that just don’t clean up well anymore.

She wants a sectional sofa.    I go over and tell her.

You room is small. I think L shaped sofas look great in big spaces

She says but we like to bundle up together.  Its true the corner is wasted, in her room and the only place for a tv is across from the sofa.

I share. MY sofa buying rules-

1) Buy the best sofa you can afford – you want it to last and still look great.

2) Make sure that the two pieces can stand apart  (flexibility is key)

3) The piece is scaled for the space

4) Measure the maximum space

Armed with her list, Corinna and I talk about where to buy a sofa and calls me to approve out what she has fallen in love with.

Choosing Furniture is really about emotion, isn’t it?

Corinna has great taste

The sofa is scaled down, and  the pieces can be separated.

It is leather: that way dogs and kids are easy to wipe off.

The color is a warm tobacco brown.

We bring a couple chairs over that Corinne is looking at, to make sure that the chairs and sofa work together

Corinne shares her best pillow choice,  which I approve.

I talk her out of sisal (it scratches) and we pick out two carpets that would work.

Jennifer Duchene helps her client choose a rug and pillows to match the sofa

She settles for the off white wool rug to balance the darker furniture

Now all she needs are a couple lamps  and a new tv stand.

What an incredible feeling: Investing in grown up purchases that reflect your style.

If you need help finding the right sofa, or pulling your room together to create a room that celebrates you, call me Jennifer Duchene 650.644.8592

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Buying a Sofa — 11 Comments

  1. Jen,
    I agree, no compromise on a sofa!
    Our sofa is the centerpiece of our house. It’s not really a grande piece of art but considering the amount of time we spend on it in comparison to any other furniture we have. So picking a sofa from a catalogue is absolutely a no. You have to sit on it first and maybe fall asleep on it at least once before considering it (that may be a little difficult to find a vendor who allows you to test it that way)…
    And of course all the other aspects that you mentioned already 🙂


  2. Thanks so much for sharing this information Jennifer! I retweeted your post so our customers will benefit from your advice.

    Your readers might also check out for custom furniture. We also carry sectionals like the ones you mention in your article and are running a 10% off sale with no sales tax until 1/31/2011.

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