Can you be politely naked

I am telling you Weird is the new black.  I know that many things are happening in this life right now on earth.  Strange things that many of you maybe skeptical about.  Stars are lining up to shake us up.  out of our stupor of being good for goodness sake.   I believe that each of us is not ordinary .

I know that you have a light buried and blocked.   Peeking out behind the good statue.  Wanting to dance with wild abandon while people are looking.  And doing it anyway.

Leaving Normal.  Owning up to being different.

Beauty is not in firm skin or unwrinkled thighs.

Beauty is in the flight of life.  In opening up our wings.

Taking chances.  Getting naked. Falling down.

Getting naked in the light of day.  Seeing yourself the way you are and owning up to being you. and being ok with that.

Perfection is a myth.  No human can be perfect in the sense of a statue.  A statue is an object that doesn’t change.

Humans change.  We are a creatures of nature.  We have within us lust, grief, joy and anger.  All those emotions change us. They control us.  More when we hide. We are living organisms that respond to light and dark.  To love. To pleasure and to pleasing. The idea that we can unlock our blocks and get glorious in this moment is breathtaking.  To declare that this ripening and rottening of flesh is part of the process we love about being human. That is living in the now.  That we  age and grow in that, is a celebration.  Dust to dust, rose bud to rose petals on the ground.  Our life is a cycle.

Will you embrace that cycle with all your being?

Will you lean into life and live from the belly?  Be an earth keeper.  Nurture nature?

Allow the body to move in spite of the minds fear?

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