The Seduction of Design Curves

Design begins within us. A human need to replenish, be reborn, and find joy in our surroundings . Nature is stunning in all her outfits. Including the woman’s form. When I saw these photos on my friend Veronika Miller of … Continue reading

Decorating a room for dreams

What does it take to design and decorate your room of dreams?  As a people pleaser you might hesitate to recognize you have needs. It takes a journey of a thousand hesitant steps to find your place of welcome. Arriving … Continue reading

The Sanctuary of a Shower

Next week over a hundred design bloggers  including me, all connected by hashtag #blogger19, and our common experience of NYC and a Jason Wu fashion show, will descend on Memphis courtesy of Brizo. A forward thinking faucet company embodying the art … Continue reading

Fabric & a Woman’s Room

I believe personal space should speak your language, empower, embrace and expand your inner woman. There are many ways to express your “self “  in a room.  Using sweeping statements or tiny clues. Starting with fabric. We talk about the … Continue reading

Sanctuary of Chic

I believe every woman needs her own space to luxuriate in. As women we may all have a need to be cosseted and cherished.  Desire that room we can retreat to and rejevenate in. Yet we don’t all have the … Continue reading

Food + Design : Avocado Salad

Inspired by food to create rooms that taste as good as they look… Avocado comes to mind. I love avocado.  Not just for the taste and versatility but for the color. I love how Avocado is made up of three … Continue reading