Laundry & f. Bombs

Are you censoring you speech and emotions? Holding back and swallowing your truth.  Hiding behind a Polite Mask? I had to do laundry the other day.  Its almost feels  like I am on another planet.  The laundry planet.  I watch … Continue reading

A blissful garden retreat

It feels blissful to be in a garden rooftop terrace with cozy couches, flowers and birds. Water and music. Nectar for my soul.  Urban oasis in the sky. If I could choose only one place to hide out, retreat and … Continue reading

A Polite Woman’s Voice

  As a Polite woman the expression raise your voice used to make me think about shouting.  Don’t raise your voice to me.  Wasn’t that the cry of the adults?  The tool that shut us up, shut us down, boxed … Continue reading

The well behaved women’s dilemma

What is a well behaved  woman’s dilemma?  That she wants to be every woman.  She wants to please everyone in her circle.  To stop water drops from making rings.   Polite, smooth, and clear as glass. The Polite Woman becomes invisible.  … Continue reading