Change worth paying for

A few weeks ago, my husband and I, while driving back home from a Halloween party, lamented on the fact that our house is so tiny, we cant have a crowd over for a meal. Ligtht bulb goes off when we realize that we have that awful screen room.

Awfully large – it runs the width of two rooms and awfully ugly. Cold, leaky eyesore. and full of junk – its my work room of sorts.

So hubby decides on Monday that we should invite 12 people over to dinner on Saturday. I dont panic cos I know he will do the cooking and all I have to do is perform miracles. Make that room look halfway decent without spending a dime. Impossible? you are right.

We had to spend some money. Target and Ikea – 2 good bargain hunting grounds. so a couple of shopping trips squeezed around other duties – I was the lone parent arriving late for the debate club mandatory meeting – but it was thursday night and IKEA had the goods.

5 heavy shower liners, a bunch of candles a can of white spraypaint and some cheap curtains, 2 packets of cuphooks, a long curtain rod and we are in business. I spent Friday filling in holes with styrofoam. Dont ever buy the cheap styrofoam cutter from Michael’s. It worked like a charm for about 10 pieces and that was it. So it was hack city after that. After hubby drilled the holes for the cuphooks and hung the shower liners, it was my turn to drag, push, pull & vacuum.

I must say that the end result was worth the effort. Everyone thought that the place looked like an Arabian tent, with the fabric, the carpets and the candles. A lovely evening was had by all. The food was delicious. The conversation sparkled. The wine and water flowed.

We started with a sparkling wine and goat cheese crostini, followed by a sit down meal of boef bourginon and stuffed turnips. Fabulous reds were served including an outstanding Paulliac, and some tasty Chinon.

Desert was a splendind tarte tatin made with pears and served warm.

After dinner drinks on a tray, with tiny adorable glasses, included one of my favorite – rasberry alcohol, as well as cognac.

Our table tennis table was a hit. you could talk to anyone or everyone.

Behold the Screen Room of Horrors before:

The screen room magically transformed:

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