Changing names, changing fortunes

Numbers – what do they have to do with names?

As it turns out, everything.  Every letter has an equivalent number that gives it meaning, the root being one of 9 numbers from 1 through 9.
Each word adds up to a particular number vibration, giving us clues as to the effervescence and shadow in the sum of its parts.

goddess in stone

When I discovered that my current name had the potential to be fortunate or unfortunate in the present tense, I was fascinated.
Could it be that I had the option to choose my name vibration? I can’t change my birth name, and would not want to because that reveals my Destiny Number; what I am here to do, and a few other numbers that reveal more about how I show up in life.   Learning that the name I currently use activates the promise of my birth or makes it tougher, had me itching to find out more.   Madonna (like many artists) discovered when she dropped her last name, she activated the highly fortunate  27/9 vibration.  One of those fateful strokes of fortune, or perhaps she knew?

white 7

In 2011, I discovered this fascinating possibility.  But I hesitated because I chose reason not passion.    A few hundred dollars saved, because knowing my name number seemed like an unnecessary luxury.
Yet the question lingered  – was my name fortunate?  So a year  later,  I followed my instincts, and discovered hidden knowledge that changed my life forever.

I was shocked to discover, on getting my information that Jennifer Duchene, was a challenging current name vibration of 11.
This symbolizes two opposing energies which need to unite. Not only could it represent treachery from others, inherent in this number is an illusion of separation, which creates strife.  Bingo now it all made sense, no wonder I was confused about who I was and what I was focused on.
11/2 requires unification of disparate goals in one common cause and you know the funny part?  I never questioned that sense of division in my life until I discovered my current name number.  It all seemed natural, demanding and familiar.
The way I treated my name added fire to the flames.  I had chosen the name Jennifer Duchene as my professional moniker, sounds good right?  But the name didn’t feel right, so I let other people chose what to call me.   From Jen, Jenny to Jennifer and anything inbetween, I consistently gave away my power and confused the hell out of myself and the world.   Diluted and divided by multiple names, rushing down the river of life, each foot on a different log, on a collision with calamity.

Speaking in Los Angeles

To maximize my highest good, I chose Jen Duchene to be my lawful name.  Too short to diminish it, strong enough to stand tall.  In fact Jen Duchene resonates to the highly fortunate spiritual vibration of 17/8, representing Immortality and Infinity and the ability to rise above trials and difficulties from earlier in life, to conquer former failure in career and relationships. Bingo! A perfect fit to propel me forward, manifest my potential that I could lovingly surrender to.

After kicking myself in the rear for waiting before taking action I changed my life my slipping into my new name. February of 2013, found me in court to officially become a fortunate woman.
Firmly settled into my new identity a year later,grateful to be living in a vibration that enhances my birth blueprint, I manifested the perfect apartment, a month after the change. Opportunities continue to fall into my lap, to spur me on. Jennifer Duchene lives on, but for me she is history.
What of you?  Is your name fortunate?

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