Chocolate dreams

New Year makes me think of Chocolate – probably because my brother in law laurent duchene always sends us a box of delicious chocolates, and this year, he sent his hazelnut truffles. An exquisite, totally delicious, lingers on the tongue taste.

Here is a fabulous dinning room in an old hotel in old Montreal we visted this summer for a drink in their delightful patio. This was the real deal – cobwebs, old brick, dead animal heads.

Besides chocolates we scarf – we also indulge in so much through chocolate: Chocolate drinks
my favorite is real chocolate melted. – this from the Seattle Food Examiner:

French hot chocolate is not like the cocoa powder mixed into warm milk that America is used to. It is also not the Italian chocolate syrup and foamed milk concoction so common in coffee shops. Hot chocolate in France is a serious chocolate experience enjoyed throughout the year but most importantly celebrated during the holidays. Its main ingredient is melted chocolate that is then blended into cream or whole milk. The chocolate contains a higher percentage of cacao. In Paris, hot chocolate is usually served in a pitcher sometimes with a glass of water on the side to offset the richness. – Scott Emerick, chef/owner of Cremant

Cremant’s Chocolate Chaud
one serving of French Hot Chocolate

2 ounces of 64% Valrhona chocolate
1 cup whole milk

Heat the milk over medium heat. Once the milk is heated, add the chocolate and whisk to combine. The chocolate will thicken the milk. Serve the hot chocolate in a pitcher and pour small amounts in a cup to sip.

For a special holiday treat, serve with a small cup of whipped cream.

What about

Chocolate candles – I was smelling the ones at Pottery Barn at the check out. Simply divine.
I would love to give you the chance to scratch and sniff right here: doing a little research I found the Chocolate Farm and the candles sound so delicious check them out.

And the color chocolate – so indulgent decadent and rich.
Velvet chocolate. Chocolate walls, or chocolate furniture. Who can turn away a box from Tiffany’s with the blue box and the chocolate ribbon.
or a chocolate and Rasberry cake?

Chocolate cake, chocolate pillows, chocolate marshmallows.

Charlies chocolate factory – were the rivers of chocolate not made to dive in?

I think about chocolate accessories. What a yummy thought.

A color that is truly sensual. A room of chocolate furniture – chocolate stripes of milk and dark
accented with silver. To give an edge. or bronzed gold to shine off.

Here is a balcony in chocolate with a rustic chocolate folk art piece from Just Folk – a beautiful gallery we visited in Summerland California. what incredible stuff.


Any color and fabric is immediately given a sharp edge when teamed with chocolate.
Persimmon & chocolate

Apricot and chocolate, Vanilla and chocolate, Rhum and Raisin paint,
or some chocolate brown wall peel & stick stickers found on to give a chocolate feel without paint:


the pull is irresistible. Chocolate is my raisin d’etre!

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