Christmas Dinner Enjoyed

There is no joy like the joy of connecting and sharing, making magical memories with friends.

Of course when the friends are superb cooks who follow the French Rule of Holiday meals…you get to eat truly magnificently.

I don’t know how I got so lucky, but I enjoy every morsel, every crumb of taste and feel.

This year we dined at my friend Corinne’s house on Foie Gras, Oysters with shallot sauce,  Lobster ala Americaine, Scallop & Salmon Quenelle,

Mushrooms & Carrots, Salad, Cheese & 2 types of Bouche, accompanied by appropriate wines.   Much laughter munching plus photo and videoing!

So what is your favorite part of year end holidays?  I would love to hear, comment below.

I love pulling decorations and food together for friend and family gatherings. Especially when I am not the cook but a helper.  I take charge of decorations, creating a little magic and warmth with color and candlelight.   The memories linger for a long time.

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Christmas Dinner Enjoyed — 14 Comments

  1. tout parait merveilleux on en mangerait les images Corine tu es digne de ta mère et même tu la surpasses BRAVO !!!!! Corine y’re great great!!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing this feast with us, Jen!! We need smell-o-vision! or better yet, taste-o-vision! I Need those oysters & French cheeses!! I think my favorite piece of the video is when we see you laughing — priceless!
    I’m hoping that next year’s Christmas vlog is your holiday party for your blogger buddies!! (dogs included, of course)
    Happy New Year, Jen!
    Heidi & Atti
    “commentary to give you paws…”

    • Dear Heidi & Atti, I love the idea of taste and smell o vision. Yes I had a laugh myself seeing me caught on camera. Yes to this year 2011’s holiday fest with blogger buddies, it sounds spectacular!

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