Christmas Eve Dinners

This year, which is about changes, I have decided to look back at what for me has signified the true Christmas/Holiday Spirit in my home.  It really is all about people, the food we eat, experiencing the smells, tastes, laughter and sounds. Truly a feast of merriment.  I can track each year by what we did, ate and who we were with.  From Home in California, first southern and now northern, to Texas, Florida, Arizona, South Africa, France.

Our Holidays have spanned many stops. Celebrating Christmas Eve with family and friends has been a joyful journey.  One that is going to change for me. Since I will not spend Holidays,in the same way, with all the same people I have come to call family. This is my journey of remembrance.  My reflection on past meals and my belief in future meals.

We have always celebrated Christmas Eve, and Christmas day has been for lolling around, opening presents, eating leftovers or traveling somewhere to spend time with friends & family. Airports have been part of my holiday puzzle.

Countless journeys through the airport on Christmas or Boxing Day are cause for reflection.

Like the one above, journeying to Southern California to meet up with friends in the mountains.

The focus has been all about shopping, prepping, decorating and cooking countless meals, setting the table, and sometimes visiting friends who were cooking & preparing lavish meals for friends like us

Dinner involves host and guests shucking oysters before its done

Visiting and shopping in the city, I have many sweet memories of window shopping, indulging in city flavors, feeling the exultation.

San Francisco Union Sq Lights up for the Holidays

And on the home front, we are hanging, and decorating, even Goldie gets a Holiday Shine.  What could be merrier?

Goldie gets in the mood for presents

And then there is the delicious food, toasts to celebrate life, moments to hold dear. Something about the holidays, that makes us want to enjoy luxury in the mouth. Indulge our senses.

Like a little Foie Gras with Melba toast & Sauterne

Home Made by my friend Corinne and so exquisite, Foie Gras

or it may be Gravlax, or oysters.  I am in heaven just thinking about the sheer delight of taste.

Trays of Oysters, mignonette sauce, brown bread & butter

A main course like this one Venison with endive and stuffed squash (with chestnut puree)  delicious!  Last years Christmas eve dinner.

A tasty main dish that really makes you realize how special this night is

After all the food there is still cheese and dessert, of course the meal is long and full of laughter, no matter how few or how many there are celebrating.   We reminisce, we share, we have another toast.

Every Xmas meal brings the Joy of connecting over food and talk

and the sweet is always last!  A reminder that good times are coming again.  The real joy in life is in sharing the good times.

Christmas log or Bouche de Noel finishes the meal

With Champagne and Christmas Crackers,  life is celebrated again.

We drink to your happiness!

So what do the holidays bring to your mind? Comment below and let me know.

If you want a home you can celebrate in, call me Jennifer Duchene  650.644.8592

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Christmas Eve Dinners — 6 Comments

  1. Jen, I Love this post and the photos!! Are Wilbur, mama and I invited this year?? lol 🙂
    It looks like you have a grand time wherever you are. Your photos in this post are Delicious! Especially love the first one reflecting in the ornament, Goldie looking regal for the holidays and the tray of oysters. Beautiful memories combined with beautiful images… sweet!

  2. Jen, this post was truly magnificent. I savoured every single word. What a gourmet delight! And thank you for giving us a glimpse of your sparkling memories. Hoping this trend continues and that you will have beautiful memories for years to come! x

    Fiona Stolze

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