Coffee Pot Decorating

Sometimes decorating your home is like making coffee….

when I moved into my new temporary home, there was this space ship coffee pot. I looked at this shiny machine and was dazzled.

My old marriage coffee pot had been real simple.

Four steps:.add filter, water, beans, and flick the switch.

Turns out this coffee machine is exactly same. The hardest part was attempting to open the coffee pot lid. How can I pour in the coffee?  I twisted and pulled, a hit and miss affair. After a couple days I just lifted it, purely by accident and voila! it opened.  I laughed to myself.  Not complicated, simple. I assumed it was hard and so it was.

Made me think how tough we make our lives in our homes, using force instead of  flow. Holding onto what no longer serves because you payed a pile of money for it. Someone you love gave you that hideous item, or it is still in great condition.

All the stuff that gets in your way, that knocks your knee, that makes you feel heavy and sad.

And it so complicated. All the excuses you tell yourself for why you need that stuff.  It is impossible to have a home that feels just right.  You need those things.  Paint is expensive.  You are too tired to haul the broken items to the dumpster.

And its just you in your head making it complicated. Putting possessions first, instead of you.  Your home is your haven,  Let go of what no longer serves you.

Are your possessions more important than you?   Here is your simple home,  a shiny coffee pot, that you want to drink from, but you cant open the lid.  It is too hard to get comfortable.  There is no perfect spot to sit down and be you.

This is not about money.  You can have a beautiful home without buying furniture. I know this because I have create beautiful rooms for clients, using only what they own.   It is about untangling the knots. Let go of trying to force change. Stop beating yourself up because your home is a mess.  Simplify the problem.  You have a home.  You want a space that embraces you.  Release and de-clutter what you don’t use/need/like.

Shift some things around.  Reframe the problem.  Open up the possibilities.  Drink long and deep from your own cup.

What in your life or in your room needs to be lifted?   What item are you are twisting and pushing into place because someone you love gave it to you? Your love will not change when the item is moved out of your home.


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Coffee Pot Decorating — 10 Comments

  1. Ive moved all over the world several times, South Africa –> LONDON –> NEW YORK –> BARCELONA and now MILAN – and each time I had to refurnish everything, except now I only have what is needed, maybe a few extras, but its such a pleasure to have the things i need only – this has filtered into the decor in my home, my trusty trunk which has followed me around the world is used as the coffee table, the list goes on, the message is clear and glad there are others who think the same.

    Baie Dankie

    • Jack you have found the secret to decorating well. The more we accumulate the harder it is to let go. I know, I have had a hard time letting go many times. I like the idea of keeping a few key pieces and filling in the absolute minimum. Life is better simple.
      Baie Dankie for the comment. Such a pleasure to know you.

    • You have to make a list of what is important. Do you need every child project perhaps you can record in some way and toss the rest. Pick one thing to focus on at a time. School projects, for example. and decide if you want one for every year. Make a limit, pull out what you want and let go of the rest. The memories are still there. You just wont have all the papers cluttering up your home to prove it. Be the boss of your stuff not the servant to your things.

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