Color New Year Bold

2014.  The new year has arrived. With Pomp and Circumstance, and the color purple.

Plus dragging of feet and whispers.   Finding freedom is not a job for the faint of heart. It takes digging into your soul, and in your closet.  Turfing out clutter and the stuff you cling to.  Yes that same old story you have been lugging around for what feels like centuries.  It may be heavy but there is comfort in the familiar.   In knowing how crap you going to feel when the holidays hit, when your goals splinter, when your energy and enthusiasm for being excited about the newness wears off.  That was my familiar refrain.



Treading the ho hum treadmill for years.  Something happened in 2013 that blew open all my chained doors.   Well my dad died, that was huge.  Even as I type this I feel so much pain in my heart.  9 months and still I don’t want him to be gone.  Yet he is.

I never wanted to grow up.  Perhaps because I never trusted who I would become.  Who can trust what they don’t know and cant understand?   What I remember about my youth with joy is those happy moments when I was alone, shining in the sunlight, baking mud pies, chasing butterflies and fairies on my three wheeler.  Driving through the willow curtain from light to shadow and out again, a continuous conversation with those I could not see.   I did not just feel joy, I was joy. But that light slipped away, while I looked toward those I wanted to become.  I spent years trying to climb out of a pit of confusion and exhaustion.   Every year I kept hoping that this year I would find my foothold.   Finally I have.   I no longer look outward for answers.  I pay attention to my intuition.  Oh yes my life is full of wrinkles, but they are happy wrinkles because with a little twist they become sparkly twinkles of opportunity.   I started listening to my soul voice and discovered everything I want to be, is within me.  I dont have to do what I don’t want to do, because you know what?  That stuff blocks the light, and makes me hurt myself and those I love.  So I put a moratorium on the shoulds, and started digging for the wants.

This year 2014 a 7 year, is about finding the sacred sense of who you are, to find the courage and excitement to listen with an inner ear, and let go of those layers of comfort, that keep you motionless in pain.   When you get too comfortable you can lose your sense of feeling, and if you don’t feel, you can’t heal.  Last year I did a new year’s practice called Nourish the Flame with my friend and Qi gong master Vicki.  My word was clarity and oh I have found much clarity in 52 weeks, shedding layers of veils and dust.  This year, doing the same workshop, as the energy flowed and crystallized, my mantra wrote Joyful Abundance. I am opening my heart to allow the poetry of prosperity to move flow into me and out through me.  In all ways that serve for my greater good, and those I am here to serve.  What is your word or mantra for this magical year?  2014 where we get to challenge and dismantle old stories and rebuild our belief structure and meaning on what matters on a spiritual level?  You are your inner warrior-  are you advocating for your possibilities?   Every experience in your life is a message, moments you can chose to learn and grow from or resent and dismiss.   Your choice, because as my dad always said  –  You are the captain of your ship   –  where are you taking your vessel and how light does she sail?

If you need a guiding hand to clear the fog and find your lightness and joy check out my services page.  One session can pierce through the mist to the heart of your center in a rich rewarding way.

Joie de Vivre,


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