Confidence and Character

Last year at the end of May, I was physically separating from my husband, my child and my old life.  A painful and necessary step on my road.   I had been invited to an event by my dear friend Franziska San Pedro.  Who was flying in from Texas to attend.

Franziska and me enjoying a real life meeting


I was torn.  Exhausted. Freaked out and frazzled.  Wanting to dig down deep into my being and find the answer to the how of all the why’s clogging my brain.   I had committed to attend, so I left my family to the joys of moving, leaving the packing of all those past things and journeyed to what seemed the outer world.  Pleasant Hill.    What I left with after two full days, was an answer.

I signed up to learn more and to be more.  The two days was with Brandy Mychals.
Her Character Code™ System had clicked within.  Recognizing people from how they show up was a mind blowing concept.  More than that it honors each person for being exactly who they are.

Roll forward  a few months and I sign up to be a Character Code™ Coach.  I can teach people about this amazing system.  A method that allows one to sell without being salesy.   You decide who you want to play with, you get the tools to unlock the codes and master your business.  I think our businesses or careers really are a vehicle for how we choose to express our lives.

I knew that what I had learned from Brandy Mychals and her Character Code™ System gave me wings.   Do you ever get into a place where you keep doing what doesnt work, longing for some-one to rescue you?  Get you focused?   Running a business or running a life can be a mystery.  Oh yes there are piles of resources, but what if you found a system that gave you the clues you needed right now to fire up your knowledge and soul?

Brandy Mychals, Jennifer Duchene & Vinca Heart.

I have grown enormously this past year with all my mentors, teachers and fellow travelers.  Soon I will be launching my new programs,  hosting my first summit, facing my lions.   It has been a year of change.  Still far from perfect, however being on the journey gives me way more confidence than waiting to leave.   Having confidence really does change one’s life in magical ways.

If you to discover how to be wildly successful doing what you love, here is your chance.  Sign up (with my link)  for this live webinar with Brandy Mychals.

What I have discovered is that its not so much knowing shoulds, as understanding your why and when.  Leverage your power and grasp the horns of opportunity, before the beast disappears in the mist.

What has given you power to be seen? Are you wildly successful and loving it?  Share in a comment below.

Joie de Vivre


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Confidence and Character — 2 Comments

  1. Such a beautiful story of your journey of discovery and empowerment. ANd a great tribute to these two beautiful mentors who walk their talk. As for me, I am loving my life and all the possiblities and working at BECOMING wildly successful. You are a model and inspiration to me.

  2. I loved the way you unfolded your personal story, Jen. We have had some similar experiences and your courage and openness about sharing your struggle and aspirations is inspiring me to do the same. I’m such a hider but it seems you’ve been too and looking at you from where I stand, I see a woman who has stepped out of the shadows, her face turned up to the shine of success and basking in the glow of community. Brava!

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