Creating the Chic to live in

Designing your special room, your Le Chic Cocoon can be an overwhelming task. A Spiritual Retreat requires diligence to form and function. Once you know your style and are confident about the woman within, pulling a room together can be simplified.

Start with an object you love.      A little insight into creating your selfish space on this video, Chapter 6, in my book “Le Chic Cocoon”.  What makes your room special?  I would love to hear from you in a comment.


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Creating the Chic to live in — 5 Comments

  1. Beautiful concept of ‘Le Chic Cocoon’! I like to have good smells and sounds in my room, such as essential oils and a water feature. I love my little cocoon and feel that it brings me internal clarity to a somewhat chaotic external world.

  2. Wonderful hearing you introduce yourself as an author! I love my family, however some of the most delicious times of the day are when I am alone in my home. Sometimes it is late at night when everyone is asleep and sometimes during the day when I am in my space by myself.

  3. I remember the first time I read your? work Jenn. What a wonderful inspiration you are to many women. You inspired me to create my own space and it’s coming together. I love how you take a stand for us to be selfish…to have the yummy-ness. And might I add you are looking quite beautiful with your ensemble. Necklace…gorgeous 😉


  4. You address such an important concept here, Jenn–we NEED/MUST HAVE a place to go where we can regain ‘center’. I see more personality here–so fun! Thank you for sharing!

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