December 2016 Numeric Insights

Numerically December 2016 is a double 12 month.

It is also the final month of 2016.  A 9 universal year (2+0+1+6) and a 16 calendar.

1+2=3    The 3 is a number representing the child.   Open in front.  Double half loops.

Innocence.  Curiosity.  Exploration.   A desire of discovery.  Self Expression.  It is the digit of seeking and speaking your message.   In all ways.  Being human means you have a voice.


Voices are layered. Nuanced things.  You can cry, scream, yell, laugh, sing,

Chase butterflies and fall down wells.

12.  12 is a number of teaching and learning.  Precursor to discovery.

You have an experience.  You uncover something new. Then you label it.   You stick a pin in it. Mark it specimen A.     How you bring that discovery into a form that changes you, that is where the 3 meets the 12.

1 is about focus. Action.  A masculine energy of needing to accomplish.

2 is about surrender (or that is what I call it) a need to redress balance, create boundaries, connect the dots.   Make community.  Intuitive and feminine.

1 is the individual.

2 is the collective.

3 is the opportunity.

12 combines the 1,2,3 that creates a step by step focus and result.  Not the end result.  The beginning. We have 3 cycles of 3 that make up all 9 root numbers.   1,2,3 are the first 2 prime numbers.  Father, Mother, Child.    Maiden, Mother, Crone.    Triangle of Potential.

12 is significant, since it represents 3+9  two key numbers that awaken within you your Emotional Response.      3 is JOY.   pure unadulterated bliss of the individual.   You laugh, cry, sigh, emerge. 9 is the connection of the collective.  Humanity as one. Compassion. Universal Love.  Passion. That drive to communicate the fullness of your cells within the larger body of the world.

12 is also a time keeper.  12 months of a year.  12 hours in a day. Day and Night equals 24.  2+4=6  2×3 and the third emotional number of Love.  Family love, romantic love.

12 is our teacher.  Guiding us to use what we have learned, that intuitive awareness of 2 with the focus directive of 1.

You get to choose.  If you will take what you have learned in this 9 year of letting go & endings, to change your mind about what is really going on.   To take back your curiosity and willingness to evolve.   Ultimately 3 is about birthing new thought, new ideas, finding love of self.  9 is about spreading LOVE, living love.  Being in certainty of love.

Enough to DARE.

December is preparing you to go forward.  As a victim or a leader.  With path will you choose?

To focus on your goals, enough to surrender the need to control the outcome and the players, in Joy with the unfolding?

Or hanging on, determined to suffer, find fault and blame the world and others for the pickle you are in?

December is an opportunity to Create, Connect and Collaborate on what you want more of going forward.  Spend time visualizing and declaring what you will focus on going forward.  Find forgiveness, compassion and clarity about what you missed doing or being leading up to now.

We have many influences this month, including big breakthroughs, healing, the need to balance and go it alone.  That 12 influence again.

Mercury goes retrograde in Capricorn (standing in the world) stationing on the 19th at 15 degrees. 1+5= 6.  Magical energy stirs within you.  Choose to be OF SERVICE not in service.

This Solstice/ holiday season, 21 (number of truth, mirroring that 12) your very being is being harmonized, as you cross the shortest day/longest night or vice versa.   Is a time to go deep. Mars (drive) enters Pisces on the 19th (new beginnings) too.   Spiritualizing your Warrior.  Preparing you, and centering you in your truth.   Uranus (breakthroughs) Jupiter (expansion) Saturn (task master) all swirl in a dance to guide you to your purpose.  To bring out your certainty.    In the depth of traveling towards your soul, you find your roots and truth, or you keep hanging on to needing someone else to follow.

Inside of this month comes the opportunity to know your independence and become a willing collaborator in truth or in keeping the lies you have lived by alive.

What will you stand for?  How will you communicate your truth going into 2017?



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