December is a 10

December is a 10 a number of new beginnings & instant manifestation. The prime Universal Code, the Sacred language of love and light.

magic of 10

Yes, December is without fail the final of 12 months in the Western Calendar.  12 is a measure of time – 12 months, 12 planetary houses, 12 hours of daytime, 12 new moons, 12 full moons.  12 by its very nature holds the first three prime numbers.

12 is the number of learning,  through action and connection we learn, reflecting the natural cycle of life.   One plus two – First (masculine) and Second (feminine) equal 3 (the child).  Joyful play are the result and the cause of self discovery.  Exactly the mood for the final month of the year, where we reflect, celebrate and plan.

While our Western calendar and the seasons keep up on track, and nature and the universe has its own timekeeper.  We mark hours and days by the numbers, they are a constant in our lives.

A universal conversation, no matter what tongue you speak.

The numeric calendar of the universe is invoked when we add all the digits of the daily calendar.

universal codeGregorian or Western calendar follows the same plan every year.  However the universal calendar runs on energy, fueling our growth and allowing for shifts and change to aid our souls journey, life purpose and destiny. This calendar is full of clues.   Which means every December is not a 10 universal month.  The universal numbers do move around, and there is a method to this madness.   It is quite magical.

This year December looks like this :  2+0+1+4+1+2  which adds up to 10.

10 is a powerful number.  Containing divine protection with that exquisite Zero.  The  circle of life itself and the shape of the world.  Round is soft and has no edges, it can expand and contract as needed and you can land into spaces you have never traveled. Plus One  – the Prime number. Where the individual is separated from the mass to become one. That springboard of action.  One is the leader, and visionary as illustrated by expressions like you are number one.

We recognize the intrinsic power of one.  A baby learns “this is mine” at a very young age for a reason. There is safety in autonomy.  And brilliance in being ok with who we are.  Right now.

In wearing your crown with pride.  Queen of your life and your castle.

11-24-98-1 -- CROWN #3 -- TIM BERGER -- ROSE The 1940-1953 Rose Queen crown.1 and 0 together create the number we call the perfect 10. People have lists and measurements that revolve around that perfect score.  We are a little obsessed by the TEN and no wonder.  The magic of ten is illustrated in the act of adding a zero to a one,  every zero added increases the value by 10. Its pretty fabulous.

There is something else magical about the 10.  It is a number of instant manifestation.It puts you in the driver’s seat of your life.  You get to take charge of recognizing who you are in this moment.  You are a 10.  You have it all, right now and every breath. Even as you shift and expand.

Your belief is what separates you from others, a personal template of your life.  Take Mae West.  She didn’t wait for someone else to give her a stamp of approval. She understood from a young age that life gave her exactly what she expected. So she expected good things.  And you know what?  Good things kept happening.  The kind of good things she knew exactly what to do with.

mae west quote

Now you probably don’t want Mae West’s life. But you can learn from her.  She knew there was an opportunity for more freedom for women.  So she took the opening that shocked people.  One of her quotes is a perfect example of a 10 at work  –  “I believe in censorship, I made a fortune out of it.” She could have sat in her living room and moaned about the restrictions of censorship.  Instead she used it to her advantage.  That is the power of the 10 making things happen, quickly.

There are a couple of rules if you want to invoke the power of 10, for your own good.    Make sure what is on your mind is what you want to attract.  If you think life is difficult or that making money is impossible, the universe will deliver up that dish.    However if you are clear about what you want, set those intentions and focus on believing it exists in some form already, ie you are prosperous in what you have now, the universe will happily mirror your mind and heart.

what is your ten

When you are focusing on manifesting take a leaf from Mae’s playbook.  If you expect good things they keep happening.   Of course the number 10 and the Universe herself are indifferent to the results.  Humans are less so.  Sometimes we get fixated on a result we want and when it doesn’t happen, we get mad or angry.  Many times we give up. Did Mae rail against the world when she was called a slut or worse?  No, she used humor and the power of manifesting to get more of what she believed in.

Better to step into who you want to be, generous and prosperous.  Rich with life, blessed and joyful. That way goodness overflows everywhere, with plenty for all. This December you get a do over. To be number one, a co-creator of your own life.   Get clear, plan, decide and act, with your goals in mind.  Actions you take now will bear fruit to carry you through 2015.

What will you do with your 10?

If you want to find out what your personal numbers reveal about your purpose and personal success map, I invite you to book a reading with me.


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December is a 10 — 2 Comments

  1. I absolutely love your Mae West analogy! What a perfect example of the power of 10, as someone manifested her good out of her own set of standards, not anyone else’s – even as a public figure. And thank you for readings that give us direction on being our best selves!

    • Dear Bettyanne, I adore you. Thank you for your kind words. I love that Mae West got to be who she was, and that is my driving force. That each of us gets to be our best selves. After all you know what they say – everyone else is taken.

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