Decorate in Spring Style

Something so powerful about Spring. Decorating with abandon. Sitting outdoors.  The memories of Goddesses singing and people carrying fruit and flowers to the temple.  To this day we celebrate the Rites of Spring. When the Sun warms the earth in our corner,  it’s a great time to lift the feeling in your room. Maybe change out the rug for bare floors or one of lightness.

Love the cotton rugs from Dash and Albert.  I had the privilege of meeting Annie Selke and she signed her book Fresh American Spaces while I was in Los Angeles at the Design Bloggers Conference. Annie creates a spirit of lightness that is perfect for living with style and comfort.  A space of truth.  Where dogs, children and life mingle.  Lets face it.  Life if messy.  And much as we want our rooms to look like they do in magazines, most of the time stuff gathers.   Things get messy. Shifting your attitude about how things should look often helps. Stepping into being in the moment, in the room and in joy.

Roll up the rugs. Take down the heavy drapes,  Bring in blooming flowers. In simple containers.  Group them. Fill the fireplace with them.  Switch out the ornaments for the simple sweetness of living decoration.

Portland Beauty at Ruby’s Spa

Put a pot of flowers and leaves on your desk,  or hang a photo of a gorgeous flowering bush across your desk or frame it. Fling open the windows and move your desk so you can see outdoors.
Bring in some spring scented candles,  draw back the dark and boldly step into the promise of spring.

What are you planning to do to awaken Spring within in you, and how will you translate that into a piece that reminds you daily to breathe into who you truly are ?  As Eckhart Tolle reminds us “Life is the dancer and you are the dance!”

Leave me a line to share how you celebrate your inner joy outwardly.

Joie de Vivre



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