Decorate your Room, for you

The rooms you live in are decorated.  Home decorating begins whether you make a conscious choice or not.  It is up to you to claim your environment so that your space helps you to celebrate your life.

Isn’t it past time to make choices, to let your environment come to your aid?

If you want to live well, dream big and feel good with what you have in your life right now, you need to shift that space into a room brings out your best side.

My book “Le Chic Cocoon” comes out on September 28, 2011, and is the genesis for this video on Chapter 3,  Surround Yourself.

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I would like to invite you to participate in my Best Seller Launch by buying my book from on September 28 between 12 am and 11.59pm.

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Jen Duchene Astro-Numerologist, Akashic Soul Reader, Speaker, Author. Facilitating Akashic Readings and Healing plus individual and business Astro-numerology, combining transformative wisdom with sacred soulfulness to guide clients back to their authentic self.


Decorate your Room, for you — 3 Comments

  1. That is funny and true….its decorated or its not…and we’re making that conscious decision….I remember moving into this big house and not needing all the bedrooms and not doing anything with them…over time I had to shut the doors because it just made me feel uncomfortable….to see these empty, unlived in rooms, that were not an extension of me! It was depressing….so until I took the leap and decorated, they were off limits and out of sight! Not anymore….hehehe, now I need a few more!

  2. I’m in transition…don’t know how the decor will go…that’s ok with me – I like to get inspired by something, then it will all click. (It’s always in some sort of transition though.) I agree that you have to love your space – home should be your sanctuary, (or Chic Cocoon ;))

  3. I like what I’ve done with our living and dining room. I Just need to keep it a bit cleaner. I just don’t want to do the filing anymore!

    Julieanne Case
    Always from the heart!

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