Decorating and living with what you own

As 2011 rolls out, I am still in the mood to ponder the possibilities.

I have chosen my goal points for the year.  and a word.


I have chosen 12 words one for each month that relate to Decorating and Living with what you own.

Life really is like creating rooms.

How you use what you have to create what you want now.

About Owning your space, Owning your responsibility.

Because no matter how little you think you have that you like, you can turn it around.

I know it.  because I do this for a living.  I turn rooms around.  As one client told me ” You have the ability to make junk shine”  yes! What looks like nothing becomes Possibilities. Its about language of furniture and thought in our heads.

And running my own business requires working from Abundance.  Surrounding myself with friends who support me and inspire me.

First take a good look at what you have.  In your home and in You. Read and absorb. My friend Louise Edington shares an inspiring book
Good pieces, ideal bones, great potential & all your own incredible qualities. My friend Darcie Newton who shares a trick for turning your words around.

I was struck this morning that in order to move forward with my intentions for this year, I do need Focus, and I want to begin with Abundance.

It is all around us.  Waiting to be picked up, acknowledged, & shared.

On Monday, a woman I call friend, who embodies abundance did something incredible for me.    Ann Evanston, a Sexy  Swordstress who engages, entrances and gives, put out a vlog about the  top 10 women who influenced her in 2010, and I am number 1.

What a feeling.  Shock and awe.  and I admit it tears.  That I really could be number 1 on Ann’s list, is a gift that is bountiful in abundance. That I could be part of a group of incredible powerful women, acknowledged by a woman I admire so much, it makes me dizzy.

It makes me realize that I am surrounded by people, qualities and things in my life that make my life complete.  I am enough, I have enough. I am whole.

Of course I still have things I want to achieve, but I am doing those things because I love discovering and exploring possibilities.  Not out of dissatisfaction, but out of joy. With Abundance.

And, I wanted to share my thoughts about why I think you are abundant too.   It is all about how you think.  Start out by really looking around  you and within.  Perhaps your furniture is not new, perhaps the table needs a coat of paint or the walls could use some color.  Or you could dig out that pretty plate or candle, that is lurking in a drawer.

You might discover that have everything you need, right around you.

And if you need help, to create an abundant space, call me, I would love to help you find the beauty if what you own.  Jennifer Duchene 650.644.8592


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Decorating and living with what you own — 4 Comments

  1. What a wonderful thing to focus on…abundance. Next to self confidence, I think living a life of abundance awareness is the key to happiness. If I am confident with who I am and I live knowing that my life is abundant with all that I need…how can I help but be happy?

    Thank you my friend for including me in this beautiful post. I couldn’t agree more and am so honored to call you friend.

    Darcie Newton
    Revealing the Wealth Within

  2. Lovely thoughts on abundance, Jen. and congratulations again on being named #1 in your mentor’s Top 10 Women list! Very cool and I’m certain you are feeling Abundantly joyful and grateful!

    Nice shout-out for Louise and Darcie too 🙂

    Heidi & Atticus
    “commentary to give you paws…”

  3. Jen, you simply radiate abundance. I’ve only known you for a very short while and I have come to know you as a vibrant, radiant woman who shines her light for others to find their way. If there is someone deserving of being no. 1 on Ann’s list of wonderful women, it is you. May you continue to explore your world with joy and share your experiences with us all. Thank you. x

    Fiona Stolze

  4. I am feeling burstingly, abundantly happy right now – I just feel like it’s all bubbling over. Like you I have things I still want to achieve but part of my happiness is knowing that I have friends like you, Ann, Darcie etc, etc and that I am on a path I LOVE! Your post made me burst even more and shed tears of joy. Beautiful and thanks for including me too.
    Louise Edington
    Facing Fears For Freedom

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