Decorating Makeover for a Living Room

Yesterday I got to do something I love, that I am passionate about.  Actually two things.  I got to move furniture, using my furniture slides &  transform a space using only what exists in the home.  Room makeover decorating is a magic process that thrills me every time. Each time it’s a different space that is refreshed and renewed.

I met Darcie Newton of  My Wealth Spa through the SNCC*.  I adored her before I met her, and now I consider her a true friend & mentor.

Did not realize we lived in the same area until she showed up at a networking meeting I was at.  Darcie and I share much in common.  Besides helping women find their power through place & money, we both love BAJ  (Big Ass Jewels).

What an honor and thrill when Darcie invited me to help makeover her living room.   I arrive with my car full of tools….

Take pictures.  For a visual reminder of Before and  After (Forget to take one looking toward the window) Talk about the space. Get a tour.  I love Darcie’s boudoir  – her bedroom is a Diva Den to dive into.  A real escape.

Her living room however is a tough space.  While the room has lots of light, lovely color and personality, it’s hard to feel connected and cozy in the space.  It is obvious why Darcie has struggled to make this room work.

First we strip the room of all the accessories.  Pictures, vases, plants.

Then the slides come out.  Moving a heavy couch or a log table is easy!

Deciding where to put the furniture is not.  I move and sit and move again.

I am not sitting because I am tired, I am sitting because I want to see how the room feels sitting down.

Every wall has something on it that distracts from the space being a room.

The front door is kitty corner to the open dining area, so the passage runs through it. and only one third of that “wall” is wall

The stairs upward are opposite the fireplace and both have their walls cut, and the fourth wall is windows.

But Redesign and Duchene prevail.  Angling the sofas, using the tables to add interest and balance.

Pulling the color through art around the room, decorating the fireplace so that each space each shape is strong and lucid, the change is achieved.
Darcie finds some forgotten pieces, we hang the art, and only a couple of items are left out of the new room.  Even the dining room gets pulled into the flow with some art & decorative pieces.

The room before the transformation

The fireplace after

The result is a happy space that Darcie is ready to embrace and enjoy with her family and friends.

Do you have a room that feels stuck?

If you want a home that celebrates who you are, call me, Jennifer Duchene at 650.644.8592

I would love to help you live well now.

*Full disclosure I am an SNCC affiliate because the Social Media Coaching club changed my life.

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Decorating Makeover for a Living Room — 23 Comments

  1. Lucky Darcie, and lucky you for meeting up! I love how the transformed room is so much freer, so airy, the load of stuff lightened. Yet I can see it’s the same items! Love how you made the yellow painting central. Very compelling–the before and after photos make a huge difference in being able to “get it” about the transformation.

    Judy Stone-Goldman
    The Reflective Writer
    Balance, Boundaries, and New Life Directions Through Writing

  2. Little bit of envy going on–wishing for a little home interior advice myself. As I get older, I find that I am much more likely to bring in the professionals instead of an rookie, like myself. The room looks so much more inviting. Kuddos!

  3. Great job Jen! I especially love the brighter painting on the brick fireplace. As a fellow designer I know how difficult some rooms can be. And, I too love to sit down to feel how the space flows around me and what my eye actually sees. Lucky Darcie is right!

  4. Jen, Jen, Jen….what can I say except Thank You! These pictures don’t do your work justice…it was such fun spending the day with you, moving furniture, unearthing hidden treasures and chatting about how I see this room and what I want people to feel when they enter. You have a rare talent…making people even more comfortable with their stuff…oh, and thanks for mentioning my boudoir…that is exactly the word I would use to describe it.

    You’ll be pleased to know that since your visit I’ve gone through all the common rooms and simplified things…and i love it!

    Darcie Newton
    Discipline for profit, none for jammy zins and memorable necklaces

  5. Nice job! This is my favorite kind of decorating by far. I LOVE to work with what a client already has – the end result feels so rewarding, and I’m guessing this was very rewarding for both you and your client 🙂 Way to go Jen!

  6. Just lovely! I like the focal point being the fireplace. What did you do with the picture that was there? I also like the angled coach. I love angling furniture!

  7. Love it Jennifer. Especially love how the new painting uplifts the entire room and creates a stronger focal point with the fireplace. The plant grouping also caught my eye. I just LOVE playing with rooms – definitely lifts my spirits. Enjoying your work look forward to seeing more.

  8. I love how you made subtle changes, but it made a HUGE difference. What a gift you have! The painting in the center just ties it all together.

    Alara K. Castell
    Your Sassy Spiritual Guide

  9. Jen, you are so blessed with such a gift! I am in awe of that ability to look at a room and be able to transform it from a caterpillar to a butterfly! I am hoping one day soon I will be able to have you come and look at our living room…I just can’t see how to do anything any differently in there without spending major amounts of money, which i don’t have! Have tried moving some things (and I have those amazing slides, too!) but not happy so moved it all back! Some day!!!

  10. Wowza… it! You’ve done it again Jenn! Lucky Darcie got to meet you in person….can’t wait until you head east (I’m willing it to happen, so start packin’)…cause my family room is an odd shape and in dire need of one of your infamous transformations!!! Its fabulous you do this with whats on hand…amazing. You are a genius:)

    Rita Brennan Freay
    For me, its alll about the kids!

  11. I liked the original painting on the fireplace, but it just got lost on there – the one with yellow really stands out a lot more and overall the room just looks a lot less chaotic. Of course, I know an inkling about your magic from your help with my bathroom.

    I’m worried about the piggy…I think I see a pig (white with black spots) in back left – and I don’t see him in the after. If Darcie doesn’t want him anymore, I’d be happy to give him a new home…

    • Piggy is actually on loan to us from some Brit friends…he’ll be happy to know he is wanted by so many. ;D

  12. Jen – this is my most favorite post of yours – EVER! so personable and warm….I felt as though I spent the afternoon with you moving furniture. I wish that we lived closer b/c I have a fear of moving things, and rarely do it. I always need a little pushing to move furniture around. Your results were fabulous! Rachel

  13. This really was fun to read Jen. It’s great to see what Darcie’s living space looks like too. I loved hearing the process, how you sit down inbetween to see how it all feels. It would be fabulous to do that with you – who knows, maybe one day despite the miles. The transformation is beautiful and so much cosier and classy. Super!

    Fiona Stolze
    Inspired Art and Living

  14. What an amazing transformation. And so many people don’t know what magic you can perform for them by moving furniture around and eliminating or moving art and “stuff.” Educate, educate, educate. You are a genius, dear Jen. I’m so honored to know you!

    Susan Berland
    A Picture’s Worth

  15. I saw these pics on your page – wonderful. Would you like to visit Utah and work your magic?
    Louise Edington
    Finding YOUR Freedom

  16. Jen another job well done. I’m continually amazed at how you transform a room. Much more relaxed and inviting.

  17. Oh Jen! Would have LOVED to be a pair of eyes in the corner watching you work your magic. The shift is obvious and I’m sure the real impact is much moreso! I’ve done a bit of this myself with a designer friend who, like you, has a rare gift. The feeling is indescribable! Makes me want to go move a piece of furniture!!

  18. Hi Jen,
    What an amazing display and transformation! Marvelous job. You inspire me to try my hand at rearranging my stuff once again. We’ve been doing that every few months since we’ve lived here — seems to suit our changing moods as well as an opportunity to add a new element or remove another. Somehow it always looks the same, though, except for a few details. Oh well…

  19. Wat a fabulous shift you made in that room! I especially love how you grouped the plants to give them more presence. You are such an inspiration, I even started my own blog thanks to you…I would be so honoured if you were my first visitor…:)

    • Thanks Miz D. I love grouping plants to make a solid bold statement. So much better than spreading odd greenery all over the place.

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