Decorating your Thanksgiving Table

Worried about pulling your holiday table together for Thanksgiving?

You have the meal squared away,  and the place settings down pat but you dont have a clue what to do to “set” the table pretty?

Dont worry.  The Design Squad is on their way!

Make it easy on yourself by planning ahead.

Check your table linens, to choose the table cloth that will match with your dinner plates, find some fun napkins.

Be inspired by a color or feel from what you have selected.

It can be as easy are three glass jars with a single flower in each.  Or a group of candles on a tray.  Or a pile of fruit.  Found treasures.

Think about what you are going to create and gather the pieces together.

Stash everything together until the day before Thanksgiving, then pull it all out and create your centerpieces.

So what are you planning to put on the table this year?  Comment below.

and if you would like your home coming to be a joy everyday, call me Jennifer Duchene   650.644.8592

You can mix up candles and candlesticks for a centerpiece

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Decorating your Thanksgiving Table — 37 Comments

  1. Hey Jen – Just to make things easier on me, I have a set of napkins/tablecloth/runner that I use every year, just pull it out with my fall-ish decorations. Sometimes I use the runner on bare table, sometimes over tablecloth. I add different candles depending on my mood…I do best when I have systems.

    • Pat you are smart to have a system. Very efficient and organized. However sometimes it is fun to shake things up by doing one thing differently. Maybe you will be inspired to create a new center piece this year, or change out the napkins?

  2. We will be at my step-son’s house, and he does a very nice job of setting a pleasing environment. We bring the food! But perhaps we can think about a pleasing centerpiece that we could contribute. Love the tip about not making the centerpiece too high: I’ve sat through meals where all I see are decorative branches!

    We also like to include an heirloom item to have a remembrance of those who cannot be present.

    Great timing for this–enough time ahead to think about it!

    Judy Stone-Goldman
    The Reflective Writer

  3. Being from the UK, Thanksgiving was not a big holiday for me. We usually go camping at Thanksgiving but we go with friends and we have always had Thanksgiving dinner but usually in the great outdoors. This year we will be in Orlando. Ii love your creativeness though and you have some Some wonderful ideas that I will use in the future. Thanks

    • You are welcome Julie, Have a wonderful time in Orlando. No matter what we celebrate, we all have occasions to enjoy holidays at the table.

  4. I love your idea of mixing up the different sizes and shapes of candles. It adds an eclectic, chic look and is very creative and warm. Will have to try it.

  5. Well because I’ll be in Belize this year for Thanksgiving, I won’t be celebrating traditionally. But if I were, I’d have the most beautiful table ever after reading your tips. Gorgeous vlog as always, Jen – you’re amazing!

    Sharon Hiebing
    Follow Your Dream Compass

    • Sharon you are a delight and thanks for the kind words. I am sure you are celebrating life, and enjoying the difference. looking forward to hearing all about it.

  6. Since I love the rich fall colors, I bring the outdoors inside for Thanksgiving decorating. I create an abundant look by layering the different textures and colors of leaves, acorns, pumpkins, berries, twigs, goards, etc. in my centerpiece, decorations and settings.

  7. I’m with Julie. Thanksgiving is a non event in our house being from the UK. I may do a roast dinner just as a nod to it. If there’s any snow we’ll be skiing though :). I do try and encourage my host families to show my AuPairs what a real American Thanksgiving is though.
    Louise Edington
    International Aupair Finder

  8. Thanksgiving is always at my sister-in-laws. My husband’s family is pretty laid back and we don’t really decorate for Thanksgiving. You have a lot of wonderful ideas Jen.

  9. I’m off the hook this year, but in past years the table setting is the thing that elevates the experience for me. Thanks for your great tips and examples…like you, I love using things in unusual ways…and I especially love the mix-match candles…it creates such visual interest.

    Darcie Newton
    Using real estate to build for retirement…

  10. Great ideas Jen! Our table is usually so full at Thanksgiving that a center piece would actually get in the way! But, I was just thinking the other day that I should do somehing with our foyer table for Thanksgving and Christmas, to help me get in the holiday spirit, so thanks for the great ideas! The flameless candles would be great on the foyer table also great for folks with children and pets!

  11. Good food should always be paired with a pleasing palate for your eyes. Thanks Jen for the great ideas on pulling it all together on that special day with family.
    Yvonne Hall, Wild for Wildtree

  12. Love the ideas Jen and your presentation as always. I love Thanksgiving and always put random things like leaves/flowers on the tablecloth for color. I’ve never been one to match so just using fun things is great. I love your candlesticks!
    I’m going to my sisters this year so I’ll have to incorporate an idea to bring down with me. Thanks for the thoughts.

    Candace Davenport ~ Little Books with a Big Message

    • Candace so much fun to take a basket of goodies to bring some color and a festive feel to the party. Love your random collection idea. Its all about celebrating your way.

  13. excellent post! this year, honey + i are actually taking a romantic mini-vacation to the beach for thanksgiving, so i don’t have to worry about any thanksgiving prep, hooray! some wonderful ideas in your video, for both holiday dinners + everyday. we use cloth napkins every day, for both the elegance factor as well as to help out the environment. we have a gorgeous hydrangea in our yard + i hadn’t thought about drying out the flowers myself at the end of summer – wonderful idea!

    • Any enjoy your romantic get away. Nice to change it up sometimes. Thanks for kind words and yes cloth napkins are great every day.

  14. Thanksgiving is my very favorite holiday and I love to gather together pieces that have all the colors of the season: golds, greens, cranberry, etc. A few years ago I put lit scented candles on the table – I know that’s not very original but it was new to me and added a great deal to the mood. Thanks!

    • Joan I like it that you use the colors of the holiday and the food to incorporate into your decorating. Scented candles are a nice touch.

  15. Great post Jen. Great insights and great ideas. I’ll have to utilize the candles and fresh scents with my Cajun Turkey this year. Thanks!

  16. Wow, your home looks like it puts mine to shame! Lol, thanks for the great ideas. I might have to surprise my fiancée with my new found fancy skills!

  17. I would like to apply these technique but unfortunately with my spouse being deployed I wont be cooking any holiday meal. I will be bumming holiday meal from friends & family & I will be checking to see if any of them need your advice.

  18. I like to keep my Thanksgiving Table looking like autumn. Many years I’ll use small pumpkins and gourds down the center of the table and some small, low candles or tea lights. When the leaves are turning at this time, sometimes just a walk outside in the backyard will provide some delightful table decorations!

    • Kay you are right. There is so much decorating fodder right outside our doors. Nice to use the pumpkins and gourds with low lights. Pretty and you can see over.

  19. Great tips Jen. Cloth napkins are the norm as is china – I have both every day and special occasions. Love to decorate with napkin rings. Usually I have candles with Waterford holders, but I like your idea of mixing type of candles and holders. I’ll give it a try. Love the fleur de lis you were wearing.

    • Bill let me know what you end up doing with the candles and holders – take a picture. Napkin rings can be so much fun. Thanks for noticing the fleur de lis. I love that shape.

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