Decorating Tip: How to remove carpet Dents

As the new year begins, we drag out,  bundle and repack our holiday glitter and glamor, we are inspired to vacum and move furniture back or perhaps to a new spot.

An ugly reminder of the holiday festivities, can be those deep grooves in carpet, all that remains of the tree.

Watch the demo and see for yourself what happens when Ice and dents meet

If your grooves are deep and stubborn try agitating the carpet fibers, to break the groove memory.

Grooves are goners

If you have a scratch on your wooden floor, here is a great  wooden floor scratch disappearing tip.
Happy Furniture moving,  There is nothing more fun that starting out the new year with a different room, without buying a thing.

If you want a change, or are unsure how to rearrange your living spaces, call me,  Jennifer Duchene, I would love to help you fill your home with joy.

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Decorating Tip: How to remove carpet Dents — 27 Comments

  1. This falls in the category of truly useful information! I didn’t know there was anything you could do about these dents. Just assumed that they would gradually disappear…maybe! Thanks for the tip. Do you let the ice just melt?

    Judy Stone-Goldman
    The Reflective Writer

    • Funny how there is a solution for the strangest things including carpet grooves Judy! and yes let the ice melt, unless you have an all natural fiber carpet, that may bounce back with ice melting, agitating & blotting.

  2. i never knew this! I am really amazed..I too thought you just had to wait and hope the carpet would ‘reform” itself. Great tips..thanks so much

    Julie Labes the…Fierce over 50 feels much younger, point and click junkie, loves to travel, does not use a jogging stroller, and before you ask, this is NOT my granddaughter..Woman

  3. GREAT idea Jen. When my husband and I exchanged our home office rooms last year I was left with deep groves where his large copier sat. They’re still there! But not for long, thanks to you.
    Happy New Year, a great idea to start out 2011

  4. Ok…I echo Candace’s comments…how can you make groove removal sound so sexy? It has been so long since I last moved my furniture that I’m sure I will need to use this tip when I finally decide to change things up again…thanks for the great tip.

    Darcie Newton
    Introducing Alternative Assets to Smart Investors

    • My pleasure Darcie, it all in the turn of the phrase hahaha ! and like I explained to Candace carpet is sexy to decorators, or is that lying on the carpet? Cant wait to hear what happens when you decide to move things and get your grooves out!

  5. Jennifer – What a simple magic trick! How on earth did you figure that out? Thank you for sharing.
    – Debbie

    • Yes Debbie you are right,it is magic. Sadly I did not figure that out and am not sure who did. Must be quite a story. I learnt this when I was studying redesign, and have found it to be a veritable life saver.

  6. I have never heard of this, how cool! Thanks so much for sharing the tip, and seeing it on video was much more helpful than just reading about it.

    Lisa Vitale

    • You are welcome Lisa, and yes the best part of video is the live effect of change. Sometimes only a picture will do.

  7. Oh man- how can you be so sultry talking about grooves in the carpet! Maybe it’s just the accent but that tip was sexy (and useful)!

    Candace Davenport ~ Little Books with a Big Message

    • too funny Candace. Just me and my mischievous sense of humor and you know us decorators, talking about carpet is very stimulating! LOL

  8. How cool is that?! I had no idea how easy it is. We have carpet only in the bedroom (and I want to get rid of it eventually) but I have some dents that annoy me every day I walk by. I’ll try that tomorrow, thanks for the tip -lovely video, btw 🙂

    • Aah Franziska my dear so happy to help you lose annoying dents. Wish it we could use the same trick for bodies 🙂 Thanks for the kind words..xo

  9. Wow, Jen, this was fabulous. I agree with the comments above. You sit there and deliver this otherwise rather dull topic with such a sultry voice, making me hang on your every word! Firstly, I want to thank you a million for this brilliant tip. I shall be trying it out today with a before and after photo. And secondly, you were destined to be in front of the camera. Hoping to see lots more of you!! Thank you. xxx

  10. thank you! that is invaluable info to be tucked away!! I have a big huge couch that I am thinking of moving/relocating…

    I have a spot on the carpet that a cleaner spilled on and the dye lightened (it is a wool pattern carpet)….any suggestions? Rachel

  11. I knew this ice trick already and we have wooden floors but I loved watching it just to hear your sultry voice Jen 😉
    Louise Edington
    Facing Fears For Freedom

  12. Jen, you continue to amaze me and mesmerize me with your videos! I am definitely going to try this out in the bedroom we just moved all around! I also read your tip for the wooden floor scratch removal and am going to go out and get some of that Tibetan Almond Oil as soon as I can. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us!

  13. How intriguing that ICE does the trick!!! Handy little piece of trivia for me to whip out at parties!
    Yvonne Hall

  14. Wow. That’s amazing. Happy New Year, J…. and so nice to see a video of you to match a voice to a gorgeous photo!

  15. What a great great tip Jen! I know exactly what to do now with this problem which I have had because I do move furniture around now and then, especially during the holidays.

  16. Hi Jen,
    Thanks for this useful tip — a new one for me. My carpets aren’t “groovy” because I move some furniture frequently and other furniture never. Or hardly ever. And now I’ll know how to restore the carpet should I ever decide to move the piano. BTW, thanks also for demonstrating how effective a simple video can be.

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