Decorative Lighting for my Diva Den

The essential list of Diva Den Requirements is not that long. Besides a chaise to linger on, one needs LIGHT. I am a huge fan of natural light.

I always feel happier when in it.

In my Diva Den I am planning a skylight above my chaise so I can dream in the sunlight and gaze at the stars at night.

I also want some French doors leading out to a glorious patio. That is filled with potted plants and citrus trees – a walled garden of delights.  With a table and chairs to drink or lunch at.

There is nothing more divalicious than eating outdoors on a good weather day.

Takes me back to my inner child. We had this wonderful house that was full of light and windows, with a huge veranda. Flooded with light. Many meals of happiness with heaped trays food. (did I mention that my mom designed and decorated the house & was a Diva Divine of homemaking and entertaining?) I digress, although I am delighted to trail down memory lane in pursuit of my Den of Diva Deliciousness.

Besides natural light, I believe a room to dream in, needs a big ass chandelier to fit the style of said Diva.  Mine will be playful as a jewel, decorative lighting befitting my Diva Retreat.

Ambient light to make the room glow, requires concealed uplights to circle the room.  Floor lights in my dancing corner, a fireplace, candles and dimmers for viewing the night sky, or to create a mood when friends are in.

Task lighting is essential for journaling, drawing, painting & reading, so there will be light pooling down to work by, puck lights in the bookcases, spots on the art and in the trees, and the fountain.   I love the idea of having a light control box, to take a nap in the day or to darken the room so I can see the glimmer of the moon and stars from my comfy chair at night, while I sip a glass of Bordeaux and nibble on a tray of tasty treats.

What do you think about the importance of light, for your Diva Den? What kind of mood and activities will you be indulging in?

If you need help creating your Diva Den, a space where you can renew and refresh your Spirit, call me Jennifer Duchene at 650.644.8592, I would be delighted to help you.

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Decorative Lighting for my Diva Den — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Jen,

    the most important factor in my life: LIGHT! My studio is way too dark for painting, no matter how many lights I got in there. I need natural light. Moved my studio into the garage so I can leave the door wide open and enjoy the light.
    When we move and buy a new house, I will make sure every single room has daylight -I want those long window-doors in all of my rooms from where you can access the outdoors. My perfect diva den! Oh, and I love the idea of looking at the stars when in bed..

    Love your post and the bright picture,

    Franziska San Pedro
    The Abstract Impressionist Artress

    • Franziska I am with you. So smart to use the garage, with those big doors. Yes looking at the stars is magical. Cant wait till you have your dream space

  2. Lighting is crucial for creating d vibz…In my diva den I have a chandelier on a dimmer switch of course and a wonderful lamp beside my chaise which gives off just the perfect amount of light for reading or writing.

  3. Love this! As you know I’m trying to create my Diva Den, but I haven’t been able to sell one piece of furniture so I can start creating. I have to say what I’m excited about is the fabulous table I found for my desk at the Antique Fair yesterday.

    I feel lighting is so key. Love the chandelier piece in this post. Beautiful. It definitely sets the mood. Thanks for this.

    Alara K. Castell
    Your Sassy Spiritual Guide

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