Do you need a decorator

Do you think decorating rooms is an essential to a well lived life or do you think it is fine to live in a dump?

I believe that environment has a huge impact on how well we reach our potential.  Just like they say that you are the average sum of your ten best friends, in earnings and IQ, people who live

in well decorated – and by that I mean spaces that speak to them – places reach their potential because they live in a room that allows them to be the success, feel the success.

can you live in this room and be happy.

What do you think? Do you think your living environment has no effect on your effectiveness?  Can you  be confident and organized surrounded by piles of clutter? Can you claim to live in a dump and

honestly feel not the least bit down?

If so I would love to hear your story.  Comment below and share your decorating style.

and if you need help to make your space the home of a future millionaire, call me 650.644.8592.

I am waiting to help you decorate for a bright future.

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