Design a room you love to live in

If your home isn”t designed in alignment with who you are, it can be difficult to produce your best work or feel good about coming home.

To challenge and to create a certain expectation of ourselves, we need a visual reminder.  Having a space that speaks to you, is a very powerful tool for success.

What are you stopping yourself from achieving precisely because you have not valued where you are sitting?    You can’t hear your own voice in your own room, if you are drowning in clutter or blandness.

Clients who cant seem to get their rooms to sing in harmony, call me in to lift the vibration in their space.

On a recent makeover adventure, these clients had an challenging living room to tame.    The fireplace was in the walkway from front door to kitchen.   The windows were hiding behind the couch.  The focal point, like in so many rooms, was the tv. In fact the room was crowded with tables and “fill ins”  These clients want more living energy and less of the uncomfortable living room blues.

They don’t watch much tv but they do want to be able to view it in comfort and enjoy the fireplace. They like having people over, which is a challenge in this space.

Using my Character Code® knowledge I know they both are activists and while she has more cheerleader he tends to be more of a scholar.

We plunge into moving the room around.

I get a kick out of seeing the budding decorators come out, as they dive in with gusto.   The collaboration is wonderful.   We push, pull, place and I explore their home to discover treasures. The couch finds a new home opposite the window. I move in a fabulous heirloom lamp.  Art and artifacts are placed strategically to strengthen the voice and personality of the homeowners.

The husband gets out a hammer and happily hangs the pictures as I tell him where to place them. I love the mix that both brings out the jewel tones in the rug and warms the room.  Pewter finds adds a soft luster.

When we are done my clients and I are delighted.  The room smiles with warmth and feels three times larger. They stand together, gazing in at this newly discovered space.  They cannot believe how wonderful their room is.

Suddenly they are calling me into every room in the house to give suggestions.

Something magical happens when you give your surroundings your voice.   What about you?  Does you room speak in your language?

Joie de Vivre,



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