How to Design an Altar at home

Every Reunion you have with yourself needs an altar to alter your space and perception of you.  A meeting of your soul mind + body in a room, or an altar that connects and expands your flow.

Ceramic Faces

Ceramic Faces

For many of us, this feels like a move to an altered state. Putting yourself first as a woman seems sinful.Removed from appearance of how you look in the eyes of the world.
A deeper state of slowing to a stillness. Of allowing your thoughts, ugly or beautiful to rise, filter and flow.

Studies prove that gratitude has wonderful benefits.
To bring a ritual of gratitude to daily living and converge on your altered state in joy,  I propose creating an Altar to your higher self.
A shelf to hold the blossoming of you.

What is on your altar depends on you.

A good place to start is with a prominent piece that pays homage to the deity, god or representation of the energy you connect with.
Second would be a living item from nature that reflects abundance and earth. Choose the item that speaks to you from an array of flowers, fruit, leaves, gemstones or rocks.
You want to light a spark with a candle or incense, add some sheen and flame joy.
The fourth element could be a water symbol like a mirror, fountain, or jug filled with water.

Adding embellishments like an altar cloth, piece of art or another piece that speaks is optional.  This is your altar, your homage to beauty.
Think of adding your talisman or reliquary – that special object that represents your inner soul. It could be a miniature sized piece of the real thing or the actual item.

Clay shoes

Clay shoes

This is a prayer, a spiritual flowering that vibrates within you and your space.
It is a celebration of your higher being.

As a designer I encourage restraint, go on the side of less is more, for simplicity of purpose focus and look.  When compiling your altar, think about varying the height and size of the pieces you chose to create greater visual impact.  Creating tablescapes, no matter the purpose, can be done in two ways.  One way is to use a mirrored or symmetrical effect. So place your center piece and then repeat whatever you have on the left, on the right. Matched pairs work well for this.  The other option is to create an asymmetrical look, one side will have greater weight and importance than the other one.  Starting high and dropping down like a wave to the lowest point at the opposite end. In the second scenario there is no centerpiece, instead there is one focus point.

Handmade object

Handmade object

Another helpful tip is to use odd numbers for groupings on your altar.  Visually that speaks with more power. Step back to take a look at what you have created, while you are in mid creation. This way you have more opportunity to stop the clutter and keep the flow of energy open.  If you need height consider adding a special book or box under a piece. Keep the palette to three colors or less. You can add variety with different fresh flowers, change up the art or candles and even use magical necklaces, crystals or cards to add a little flavor, depending on your mood.

What excites you about creating a sacred space on a shelf, to ritualize gratitude and connection to source?

Joie de Vivre


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