My Design Board Wins First place

After seeing some “design boards” all over the internet, I was excited to try my hand at Olioboards. These are really amazing opportunities for us to get our creative juices flowing.  Time has no meaning when Diva Den Fever hits!

My DIva Den ala Olio Board

When I saw the competition for my ideal ” Women Cave”, on Olioboard, this Mixtress of the Diva Dens knew she needed to get out her own Spiritual Retreat, and give it her all to win.  With the clock ticking ( I had one night to create and a day to catch up and surpass the winning boards) I put my mind in dream mode.

I knew that Woman’s Cave  was not the kind of language that translated what I was imagining, so I decided to create my very own Chez Diva Den.

Natural light to stream in, with high ceilings.  A terrace , filled with urns, water and orange trees.

A chaise to dream on.  And a chandelier to dangle over it.

An easel to paint on.  A desk to draw, doodle and write at.

Books, piles of books,  to read & be inspired by.

Little tables to hold treasures and marvelous accessories.

Intricate lights.

Black white beige and grey. Soothing background colors, so I can fill the room with big squares of  intense color.

Or just sit looking at the light streaming in, ruffled white curtains blowing in the wind.

A rug to paint on.   Object d’art,  interesting pillows.  A stack of moleskine journals.

I can’t wait to settle in, with a glass of bubbly, a big box of chocolates, pull out a journal and start writing.

A ROOM OF MY OWN.  where I can while away the sunny hours…and delve into my desires.

On Thursday morning I sent out the cry asking my tribe to vote for my Den.  By Thursday night I knew, my online friends had come through, and I was probably the winner.    I smiled with joy on opening my twitter account after I landed in Los Angeles and saw that sweet tweet: @olioboard says: Congrats to @jenniferduchene, our first place winner in the Woman’s Cave #Design Challenge. Check out her winning entry.

What would you do in your Diva Den if you had no budget?  What one item is an essential piece that would create ultimate happiness? No idea is too crazy to pass muster…..

If you want a room, or a home that celebrates your Divine Inner Goddess, call me  Jennifer Duchene  650.644.8592

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About Jen

Jen Duchene Astro-Numerologist, Akashic Soul Reader, Speaker, Author. Facilitating Akashic Readings and Healing plus individual and business Astro-numerology, combining transformative wisdom with sacred soulfulness to guide clients back to their authentic self.


My Design Board Wins First place — 13 Comments

  1. Hi Jennifer,

    congratulations! It was too easy to vote for you, yours was simply the best. I love the brightness of the room and the items to dream away, especially the chaise was one of my favorites.
    All I need in my diva den is sunlight, open windows and a light breeze coming in, then I’d read my German Living Magazines and dream of secret, green gardens filled with flowers and more flowers and a fountain,

    Franziska San Pedro
    The Abstract Impressionist Artress

    • Franziska you are the best. Kisses. You make me feel good. I love the idea of being able to create a space to retreat to.

  2. Congrats!! That is so awesome that you won! I love your design and the descriptions you used to describe your space. You are so amazing! I need a space like that 🙂 hugs!!

    Julie Kalua

  3. Way-to-go!! Great job and isn’t *tribe* the best thing ever? I adore my online design and color communities. Especially love celebrating accomplishments with them — like taking first place in an Olioboard design challenge!

    • Thank you Lori. Yes *tribe* is the most wonderful gift in life. Me too, love my online design and color peeps

    • Love, love, love, the pictures!! Since I was not able to be at the wneiddg, watching Isaac and Aiden so Tracy and Elis could be there and visit with family undistracted, I actually felt like I was there. Love the fun photos of guests. Blessings to you both as you start your life together. May the Lord bless your steps and peace reign in your heart and home.

  4. Congratulations Jennifer! Yours is absolutely gorgeous and it is a well-deserved win!

    As for your question: “What would you do in your Diva Den if you had no budget?”
    My Diva Den is my studio, which is in desperate need of storage. I’d add lots and lots of creamy white cabinetry with more shelves and drawers than a girl could ever fill! 🙂

  5. How wonderful Jen! Deserved recognition – it was a wonderful scheme, one I would give a home to in a heart beat. Practical and Pleasing for sure. Looking forward to seeing you with your own section in the glossies.

    Laine D.

  6. I so love your creative and imaginative way of bringing your dreams into fruition. And I love that you received the recognition you deserve!

  7. Congratulations Jen ! You deserved to win ! I love your design, it si a delightful place. The description perfectly fits my image of a perfect Diva den. Probably the only thing I would add to my is a piano :-).

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