Friday Focus: Interview with Juliane of Norbridge Antiques

Visiting on the phone with Juliane made me feel so comfy. Like we were sitting around her kitchen table having a cup of tea, and talking about life, the universe and everthing.
I first met Julia on facebook, through some favorite design friends and was instantly drawn to her posts, especially the ones with photos of all those lovely bits and pieces from the past.  Beaded evening bags, silver coffee pots, crystal decanters.

Juliane Norbridge


I am a sucker for all things old, takes me back to my youth. All the pretties my mom collected, saved from her mom, and displayed.
Juliane and I share a love of beauty in artisanal form. Now we are twtter buddies, and I smile each time I ‘see” her.
So I was thrilled to have this wonderful excuse to get to know Juliane better.
A remarkable woman, is Juliane, a bright person of strong conviction, soft spoken and deliberate.
I can see her pottering about, searching for finds, or drinking sherry at a garden party. Making people laugh and, I think even Oscar Wilde would have appreciated having tea with Juliane, which is definitely borne out by Juliane’s answer to what makes her laugh

I enjoy people.  I have an appreciation for irony and wit.  The inconsistencies of human behaviour make me laugh.’  Juliane laughs so kindly, we are all included.

So what does Juliane do ?
‘I buy and sell antique and vintage decorative arts, and furniture through personal referrals, my online store.’
I asked Juliane how she got into the antiques business..
She told me she had always been drawn to beautiful well made pieces.

Silver toast rack is fabulous for toast or papers


Influenced by her dad’s love of silver, she deepened her enjoyment, when she was invited home by neighbours.  Discovering beauty and history in old embroidery, rings that sparked with memories, the shapes of old canadian furniture.
Julianes first boss, when she was a student gave her an antique plate. This sparked a journey, that Juliane continues to travel.
What read captivates Juliane?

Steel Beaded Evening Purse, circa 1920

‘Research books on china, silver, glass, furniture and decorative hardware.’ I can see her pouring over her tomes, to uncover hidden secrets.


Her favorite element of the design biz is texture.  Like the textures & layering that comes with adding a few antique or vintage pieces to an interior space.  They add individuality, character, and a sense of permanence.

Her biggest strength?  Juliane’s artistic sense coupled with a strong work ethic which results in good client service and happy clients.
I laughed when Juliane told me  “My biggest roadblock is time.  I would like each day to last at least 30 hours.”   Wonder how that would work?  Small biz preneurs are always challenged for time.
Passion keeps Juliane motivated, her successful global career background  helps her to stay on track by using a budget developed every year.  Comparing the budget to actual results on a monthly basis, and tweak the budget quarterly if needed.

Any advice for would-be or for upcoming designpreneurs?

Have a business plan, good financing, and a budget.



What was your most disastrous design/ industry experience and how did you turn it around?
It’s rare for me to break anything, but in one case while packing 12 bone china handled cream soup bowls for a client, I broke one of them.   I always try to ship immediately and in this case the client had just paid for all 12.  I didn’t lose any time in letting the client know, and offered to reverse the sale with a full refund.  She was very understanding and decided to take a refund for the broken one but still wanted the other 11.
Juliane shared a favorite client experience, which I think epitomizes who she is
A young client who asked me to find her a small dining table was delighted when I managed to find a beautiful early Victorian inlaid English breakfast table for her.  The chairs to go with the table were more of a challenge to find, but she was willing to wait almost a year until I finally found the perfect chairs.
and her thoughts on standing out from the crowd?
‘I choose every piece very carefully.  I take great pains in knowing what my clients want as opposed to what I think they should have.  I don’t limit myself solely to antiques, but also embrace vintage and modern pieces that are well made and of good design.  My clients hire me for my aesthetics and my integrity.’


Juliane enjoys her family and a good social life.  She loves art, music, gardens, and enjoy visiting museums.  and playing tennis although very badly.  ‘My biggest regret in life is that I havent practiced tennis enough.’

I also know that Julia loves Opera, and is longing for a Tiffany diamond bracelet, if any one out there is in the mood to gift Julia  LOL!

Jean Shlumberger Lynn Bracelet only $16,500.00

What is something you could not live without?  ‘Besides strong black coffee?  I think I couldn’t live without good friends.  There’s nothing better than reciprocal unconditional love.’

Whats next for you & how can we help you? ‘ I want to grow my business more in all of North America.  I’d love to have help in networking and media recognition of my brand.’

Connect with Juliane and get to know her.  She could help you buy a desk you covet, or a special accessory to bring you joy everyday, someday.  Comment below and let me know your thoughts.

Juliane believes in being genuine & generous on Social Media, and enjoys being connected to such a giving community.
Julianes contact info!/norbridge.antiques


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Friday Focus: Interview with Juliane of Norbridge Antiques — 10 Comments

  1. Jen,
    Thank you for interviewing me. I enjoyed the experience of the interview and having a cup of tea with you across the continent.
    Kind regards,

  2. I have met Juliane in person. I tweeted that I was visitng Toronto this past November and we agreed to have lunch in Yorkville with another twitter friend. You have described her perfectly..”strong conviction”, “soft spoken”, “deliberate”….and a true twitter friend indeed. It was great to get to know her better with this post.

  3. Wonderful interview! Juliane is a fb friend of mine and I so enjoy her knowlege of silver and china. I have learned so much from her informative blogs and website!

  4. Maureen, I enjoyed our lunch in Yorkville, and meeting you in real life. I feel I know you so well now. Your tweets have even more meaning to me now than before we met. Thank you for both your kind words and your friendship.

  5. Sarah, thank you for your kind comment. I feel I know you IRL and hope to get together the next time I travel to MA. I know we will have such fun together.

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