Design your own Le Chic Cocoon, Step 1.

Decorating your own room, a selfish space for one, requires some thought.

Before you can be the woman you are, you need to spend some time discovering what beliefs are holding you back.   Your Spiritual Retreat or escape from the world is waiting for your personal touch.

What myths are holding you back?

I love the photo that Jillian Todd took, that is on the back cover of my book.

Jennifer Duchene book cover photo

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Design your own Le Chic Cocoon, Step 1. — 6 Comments

  1. I love the way you call out women to be powerful and passionate and remind us that we don’t need (and can’t be) everything to everybody. Wise words. My myths are not about housecleaning (learned to hire that out decades ago) but rather about being the chief cook and food provider. Luckily I have a husband with a flexible job, but it has been a struggle for me to let go of my myth about ‘good’ mothers and wives are the main cooks for their family. I met a woman years ago who told me that after 15 years of cooking, she ran out of meals. I love that image and used it a lot when I needed to coach myself over this myth.

  2. Thank you so much Heidi. I love what you shared about running out of meals. It can be a real challenge to cook and shop and I am so glad you found a way to let go of the cooking myth, with such style.

  3. you are a shining example of what women need to hear. I was just talking with a friend today about support. There are things we just don’t like to do but we feel we HAVE to do it, but really there is a way we can give it to someone else who WANTS to do it 😉 It’s all about leveraging life so we can be ourselves and have that time for us and what we enjoy doing. Thanks for being you.


  4. I’m loving this video series! My daughter asks me why I don’t bake like the other moms. I tell her, “I don’t bake, I just bring home the bacon!”

  5. Wow! Your are one creative and powerful woman and the video is brilliant! Yes, sharing our gifts of creativity is important to the world. And if we don’t happen to like cleaning up the sanctuary we’ve created, then it is OK to hire someone. So here I am working at the computer, while another independent woman business owner is using her skills making my home shine.

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