Folk Art Trends in Design

Design trends and inspiration are a big part of why going to a place like Highpoint North Carolina, is so scrumptious.

Dog art was all over and none so sweet as the vintage pieces that caught my eye. 

For those of us in the Design world, we need to keep up with home fashions. To steer our clients in the right direction so that their rooms will remain current for as long as possible, and to be inspired to create  fresh rooms to fit what is currently in vogue.

Beetles create a Kaleidoscope of color. Pheromone: Christopher Marley

One trend that caught my eye was nostalgic color.   Simple, imperfect effervescent joy. Almost a reverence for the made by hand.  The folkloric energy.  A brightness.

Ottomans encourage a casual togetherness embroidered in brights. Wunderley


I was in Highpoint as I mentioned, to sign books. Talking about “Le Chic Cocoon”  A singular thrill. The smell of new, and exciting drifted over to The Antique Court, where I was amongst Pandora’s Pillows.

Hungarian Embroidery from Pandora de Balthazar and design that harkens back to an age of innocence

I did not get to visit all the showrooms. There are hundreds, and many huge buildings, cover 8 miles of possibility.   I did, however, get a taste.

Chests painted with whimsy and abandon. Steven Shell

I love to wander around and soak in by osmosis the similarities I see in what is shared by the vendors.  Visiting a traditional design show, which I had not done in a long time, is so amazing.  Year round showrooms launch new lines.  Smaller houses rent temporary spaces to connect eyeballs to eye candy.

Flamboyant Folkloric influenced Ginger Jars Bungalow 5

What drew me  to each of these items, was the color and the anticipation.   Hope in a jar or in a pillow. Layered, not complex. Almost like cave paintings.  Messages in chicken scratching’s,  celebrating life, in its most basic form.  Childlike happiness.


Felted flowers are fun/ Design Accents

When you think of happiness,and how you want life to be right now, do any of these items relate how you feel right now?

For me looking at the vibrant hope feels like cotton candy or sprinkles on a soft serve ice-cream. Or remembering Hayley Mills in Pollyana with prisms.

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Folk Art Trends in Design — 2 Comments

  1. I love those hungarian pillows. My grandmother used to have some of those from her East European heritage. Not inherited, just made or bought and used because that is what she thought a throw pillow should look like. The back fabric is itchy and the wool is rough so they last forever because no one actually leans on them.

  2. Oh how fun. I hope to go to Highpoint at some point in this new adventure of mine. I love the reference to Haley Mills….I haven’t thought about her in years and she always brought a smile to my face. Great analogy!!

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