How do you display jewelry?

I love necklaces, and I love to add a little zing to my outfits with a favorite piece. When one has a pile of necklaces, bangles and rings, and little time , it is essential to be able to see what there is and be inspired. I have taken to hanging my treasures on accessories. Makes sense to me.  Homes are full of  decoratives begging to be decorated!

Pretty hooks, or a bunch of fun knobs on a piece of wood  can make a wonderful piece of art, that is also  functional.  You can make your own. Or add holders or hooks to a framed cork board

or create a grouping on the wall.  Or buy a custom piece.

How are you hanging your jewels?   Comment below with your own tips, and solutions for displaying.

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How do you display jewelry? — 2 Comments

  1. I love the idea of using different things to hang necklaces. I never thought of displaying my jewelry like that. It not only be decorative but it would be easy to see the pieces you want to wear.

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