Does it pay to reuse rethink and repurpose in tough economic times?

In tough economic times, writers tell us that skirt lengths go up. Probably an urban legend. No doubt when money is scarce, we surround ourselves with cheer.
Like magpies hoarding silver paper – we need a flash of sparkle to reflect the good times that are around the corner.
To harness the magician within, think about how to Reuse, Re-purpose and re-invent what you already own to see your home as a cozy retreat.

Hibernating with your eyes open, takes a dash of thought and courage, a sprinkle of time.

Perhaps you have a collection of items that are scattered around the room that need a pride of place to give focus to the room?
Gather your items and place on a shelf or the mantle to create unity and a space of beauty. Think of it like raising your hem – change adds interest.
Blow those dust bunnies and old ways to kingdom come.

Energize your space by creating a conversation area that works for conversation.
Draw your sofas away from the walls.

Move the pillows from the bedroom into your sitting room.

Cut some sweet smelling branches from the garden, or gather leaves or flowers in a glass bowl.

Have a accessory swap party with your friends. Celebrate friendships and the gift of time and enjoying the moment.

Is your fireplace the focal point of your room? Does the mantel need a dust and some objects packed away? A row of candlesticks or candles. or glass objects to add sparkle.

A touch of green to add energy  and color.

Whatever your decorative angle is, enjoy displaying your treasures.

Keep in mind that less is more.  Put some items away or give them away, make each treasure look special by placing items with thought.

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