Dreaming of Paris

Why do we dream of Paris with such longing?   A delightful exchange on Twitter started off by “Midnight in Paris” a Woody Allen movie, that has so many I know enchanted.

I have hundreds of photos of Paris. Doorways, details and food pictures!
There is a richness of layered life in the City of Lights.

A summer night in a corner of Paris. A delicious cafe…

Like the layers of a paint on a door. Details that invite surrender.  When I hear the word Paris, I am transported back to strolling down streets, sitting in cafes, or exploring.    There is a nostalgia and memory that captures us, through word, in the air and  buildings. Mingling and talking in a stream of life, people waiting for the rain or midnight in Paris.

I could wax lyrical forever and yet not capture the essence of what lies in the magic.  Books have been written, a million pictures snapped, countless voices risen.  Dreams that can be held in a personal retreat, a “Le Chic Cocoon”


Looking up in Paris

Truly the bones are beautiful because there is a mix of old, new, quaint and magnificent.  It is a a city of Elegance.

As some of you may know I am in the throes of creating my Effortless Elegance Life by Design program and I am struck by the knowledge that Paris is the epitome of all that is elegant, in its  sanguine sense of what is.    Comfortable with dirt and diamonds, song birds and street peddlers.  She teams with lust for life,  and every now and then creates a monument to her beauty that riles or invigorates.  A place of change, and yet she stands powerful, grounded, sensual and magnificent.

Baccarat Museum Paris

Do you have an effortless elan about how you live your life?  Do you feel completely at home, comfortable with who you are, at home in your spirit, in your body?  Knowing that the life you live right now is the one that suits you, without regret or apology.

What do you think effortless elegance is ?  Do you have it?  Would you like to get it?    What do you think about Paris?  What does it evoke for you?  Share in a comment below,


Joie de Vivre (Joy in Life)


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Dreaming of Paris — 3 Comments

  1. Effortless elegance to me is living your day beautifully – secure in your choices of fashion, work and home. A beautiful smile for everyone. Grace in the face of adversity. Have never been to Paris but dream of it. Lovely images!

    • Regina you are so right. Beautiful living everyday, knowing what that means to you. Yes you would love love Paris. Thanks xo. Grace is sometimes all that carries us. Love what you wrote.

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