Earth Day by Numbers

4.22 a powerful numbered date that represents Earth Day beautifully.
Since 4 is the number of Earth.   4 sides of a home, 4 pillars that reach deep into soil, to stand upright.
22 is the Master Architect, number of Peace.  2 plus 2 equals 4.
2 is the relationship number.  Bridging worlds, communication and partnership.

2 and 4 are both manifesting numbers.  They are the detail and planning numbers that create reality.
The reality and relationship we have with life on earth.
Without Gaia,  Mother Earth, Land we live on and from, we would not be here.
Our world we stand on, with the gravitational pull is created for us as our home.

4 is the number of the home and builder.  22 is the the Master architect who plans both a structure of beauty and function.   April is the month of Spring of Fall. Where nature begins to seed new flowers and life, or rest the well used land in preparation for the next spring growth.

Fertilizing and planning.  Or lying fallow, to integrate the old to become new again.
roots structure 4
The earth constantly is in motion of her cycle.   Reminding us that when we plant seeds, we need a plan to water, cherish and cultivate our garden of life.

I like thinking about life as a Garden.  We can begin with the Garden of Eden and how that flourished and what happened at the gates of Paradise.   We all have our own version of what we believe happened.  I know that  – No garden can be Paradise without Paradox.

Right now we have a beautiful triangle of growth between Pluto, Mercury and Mars. (Well Mars, that fiery passionate force is a little ahead) but still engaged with the transformational power Pluto brings, deepened in retrograde and the clear bright communication of Mercury.  All connected through number 15, representing this calendar year.

1+5 =6.   An alchemical conflagration of sorts, encouraging our true natures to be out in the open, wholy loving who we are and all that shows up in our world. Constantly in the spirit of service to ourselves and others.  Whether we need to seed or be seeded, watered or lie fallow, allow the shift in order that all can unfold to yield a bountiful crop.

To prepare us to bare all and bear fruit, not dependent on anyone liking us or us paying homage to what we distrust.   Rather we are being asked to recognize what is good in true in the earth, and within and all around us.  To focus on that.  See it, believe and trust it.
The universal number 16 (1+6=7) for today gives us the inspired brilliance and boldness to honor our livelihood and relationship with Mother Earth in the present moment.  All the good in the world, that seeds more good, and more nourishment so that we may all flourish, as responsible Sacred keepers of our resources.  Limitless only if we let the natural cycles dictate the rhythm.

Your body and the body of the earth are finite.  Every relationship needs a balance and a master plan developed through a systematized, functional foundation.   Use the wisdom of the earth to plant a harvest that will serve your greatest good, and free your soul.  Mother Earth needs you, just as you need her.   This is a heavenly partnership on earth.

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