Embody the Empowered You

Taking charge of your life means you have to own who you are.

Using your voice for your own good, to grow from the inside out.

Creating a place for you to be you. and be okay with that.  not just on a physicall plane but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
Empowering yourself from the inside out.   Looking at all the things you fear  – not all together. but one by one – almost like you are the project you came here to get comfortable with.  To own your feelings dispassionately – so you can slowly, by tiny little adjustments complete a circle of growth.

There are levels of connection and spiral in learning to love yourself.   Tear down a wall, and travel some miles only to meet another wall.   Ever wall becomes easier to mount  Sometime we can spend a lot of time scrabbling on our hands and knees and go nowhere.  Every wall has a hidden door you can slip through if you can only find the latch.

Recognizing what weighs us down, and then starting to make those tiny shifts that move the human machinery.  Learning  new habits  so you can incrimintally let go of needing approval,  till one day you wake up and realize you are cured of that one debilitating habit.

Learn how to use what you have, breathe, movement, and intention to change the way you respond.  Find the resources within, to take charge of your experience right now.

My guest Vicki Dello Joio, shares simple a few simple techniques, and personal experience to get you grounded and open to be empowered in your body, in this moment.

Cutting the puppet strings is no easy task.  Reward every step you take. Celebrate. Do the Le Chic Happy Dance.


My guest Vicki Dello Joio does embody empower ment and blows me away with what she teaches and embraces – I love how she marries the 4 body & spirit mind emotions.   East and west.  thought and action. dream and do.   Listen in to hear how she embraces breathe and movement to change how you feel in this moment.

Vicki Dello Joio

“Renegade Woo-Woo” coach Vicki Dello Joio is a ground-breaking
author, inspirational speaker, seasoned performer, and Qigong
master teacher. Founder of The Way of Joy, a spiritual fitness
program, Vicki unites heart-based vision with down-to-earth savvy so
you “get down” and walk your talk as the brilliant empowered woman
you’re meant to be.

Scientists are now verifying that dealing with stress, conflict, health
and creativity depends on how you use your energy. Used poorly,
you end up feeling overwhelmed, over-amped and/or exhausted.

When you intentionally raise and direct your energy, you create
healthy boundaries, transform obstacles into opportunities, and speak
your truth with clarity and power.

Are you Ready to embody your woo?

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