Fabric & a Woman’s Room

I believe personal space should speak your language, empower, embrace and expand your inner woman. There are many ways to express your “self “  in a room.  Using sweeping statements or tiny clues.

Starting with fabric. We talk about the fabric of our lives, and coverup.  Fabric has a lot to do with modern design, called soft furnishings.  Textiles change a room regardless of size.  From full blown ‘tents’ of upholstered walls and ceilings or in a couple of cushions or even shockingly, silk flowers.

Is it time to update your personal lounge or workspace to embody a ‘Sanctuary of Chic’? Without being a trend whore or lost in a room that has no soul.  Your Le Chic Cocoon should be more than a room.  A conscious lifting up of the drawbridge to take space alone. Whatever speaks to you- in a whisper or a roar can be translated with sleight of fabric.

I have a love of African prints and colors. Not just animal prints or the ancient textiles. Bold wild textiles that explode with personality to suit every palate. African Prints are all the rage. Which means that you can find the fabric to suit your personality.  Have fun by engaging your senses.

Casual or elegant there is probably a textile and colorway that will bring out your passion. Cubism is on the rise once more, and you get to embrace the essence of what is new world, old world. In one room, with the help of fabric.  Cubists were inspired by African sculpture and art. A mass of fire twisted into cooled simplicity.   You can do that in a room with color and fabric.

There is a joyful dash of spice and dance in the African fabric mix to bring out your style   Keep patterns connected so it makes sense visually.  Mixing colors works if you keep the same or related patterns.  Simple fabric chosen for texture is more elegant.  Busy bolds add humor and a childlike quality that is linear and spiritual.  A clever way to get all of you into the mix if you like a bold and simple feel is to use the same three colors and designs in the fabric and change the scale and focus in each room or on each surface.


Vintage photo prints shot at Weylandts

African Design is simple. Yet the fabrics are complex forms of connection.  Add more color ways and mixes or pare down.   Keep the power of African sculpture in mind when working a room into an explosion of African. Cubism is contained and explosive.  Personal.  Just like your room should be.African textiles often stem from nature.  The land, elements. people are all part of the conversation whether literal or abstract. When creating a wild room remember the root of the design.  The elemental focus.  The more you use the same pattern the more it becomes background.  Texture can be created by different materials as well as by designs on fabric.  So many resources. Read more about DesignTeam at Remodilista,

Fabric can become a tent in your room. Be it on the walls or one wall. Or cover a chair.  Cushions chosen for their appeal can pull a room together through judicious use of color and design.

So what is your fabric calling?   How does textiles and the texture of design inspire you in your own language in your private castle turret?    Share in a comment below.

Joie de Vivre,


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Fabric & a Woman’s Room — 8 Comments

  1. I love bright, splashy colors. I am redoing my office this summer and getting rid of a big desk and adding a soft couch so I can take my afternoon naps near my other desk. I can’t wait to choose something bright that reflects me. I’m also a pillow freak, so there will be lots of pillows all over my newly created work space. I love the African fabrics you show here. Yummy!

    • Laurie that sounds divine. A couch for you cocoon filled with pillows. There is a South African woman who has a store in LA selling her fabric pillows. Uncle Henry I believe its called. Cant wait to see the changes.

  2. I love this- that african fabric is awesome. As a textile artist who used to paint meters and meters-yards of fabric i agree with you Fabric can change the whole feel of a room.

    You have inspired me to take out some of my fabrics and hang them. I recenlty made bright colored cushions from some old painted cotton

    • Oh how fun that you are a textile artist Suzie. So glad to have inspired you to take out some fabrics and hang them.

  3. I love earthy tones in my Sanctuary of Chic with soft velvety fabrics. They sooth me. I actually have Taurus on the cusp of my 4th house, the home, so very apt. Love my Le Chic Cocoon

    • Sounds very you Louise. Love that you have Taurus on the cusp and those velvety fabrics are so rich and divine to be in.

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