Family Getaways are an momentary ritual of life

About a week ago I went to see a Buddhist Closing Ceremony for dismantling a Sand Mandala.

A Sand Mandala Dissolution Ceremony.
Sand Mandala are used as a tool to consecrate the earth and its inhabitants

All Mandalas have outer, inner and secret meanings, according to Tibetan Buddhist belief.

Outer is the world in its divine form, inner is a map to help the average mind find enlightenment and on the secret level they connect and perfect the balance of energies between the body and mind

The Monks of Drepung Loseling Phukhang Monastery in India travel the world  to spread enlightenment and joy with the creation of these Sand Mandalas.

It was a profound experience.

To see the incredible patterns made in sand, and to hear the joy and excitement of the audience.  To feel the power of the message. To be in the moment.

Many people were uncomfortable with the idea of creating and then destroying an art form.

I think that is just like our lives, full of impermanent permanence.

It reminded me that every day we perform rituals that celebrate life,  like cooking healthy meals for our families

These rituals involve  planning organizing shopping chopping & setting the table.  When the family or friends sit down to eat, the work of art that is food is enjoyed.

When we cuddle with our kids to read them a story,  before bed.  When we collapse on the couch with a glass of wine or a cup of cocoa together to enjoy a game or a movie or a stimulating conversation.

Party planning for a special occasion or organizing family getaways to places where we go often or meet other family.

Its a moment that has such energy. Such hope and sustenance. When it is over all we have are our memories like tiny grains of sand in a bag

Daily, we are performing rituals and ceremonies that deepen our ties.

There is an art form to conversation, there is a structure to socializing that makes each occasion ripe for preparation, indulgent and then there is the dissolution.

End of the meal, friends have to go home, kids fall asleep.



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