Family Room gets Charmed.

One of my favorite things to do is Transform ordinary everyday rooms into Stylish spaces.

Using what my client already has.  Often there no need to buy new, when you are surrounding with things you love, items that reflect your journey.

Well designed rooms are not so much about the individual item as it is about placement.

Of course we all dream of starting over with perfect pieces, the most amazing fabrics, shapes, light – a room of good bones.

Reality is often not that generous. So until we hit the perfect room, why not make the space you are as perfect as possible?

Patty called me, because she had visited a client who’s living room design I had madeover a while back.

The family room is a small awkward space, off the kitchen, that they just could not get right.  The couches have had much wear and tear, and before replacing them, they wanted guidance on what to replace them with.  A dress rehearsal, as it were.

The thrill I get from taking what is in the space is indescribable, and I love it when my clients trust me enough to offer carte blanche on what I can move or pull in from other rooms.

When the room is done, I stand back, and usually I am astounded.   How did we get from where we were, picture above, to where we are, without leaving the house? Picture below.

You be the judge.

The Big Reveal

When I arrive, after talking to my client, finding out where the vacuum is (oh yes we do vacuum when required) and clarifying details….I begin taking the room apart.  First removing all the decorative items and artwork.

After  moving the furniture out of the way, deciding on placement of the big pieces, will we move the tv? ( not since the space its in is good for only the tv) the rug – which one and how will it fit? Coffee table, lamps and then the most fun is hanging the art, placing the accessories, the pillows.  Pulling the room together so that it looks artful, sophisticated, deliberate.

After family room close-up

Details are what take a room from ordinary to special

By pulling in toss pillows from the living room, to pick up the colors in the rug, and some decorative items, like the eggplant vase, found on a forgotten shelf, and using books to add balance and height on the table, suddenly the room is filled with charm.

Patty wrote me a few days later :

“Just wanted to let you know that it is not just “I’ who are very happy with your decorating ideas, but my husband is really enjoying the changes too.  (Just takes men a bit longer.)  Last night he was looking around the family room and commented how impressed he was with your arrangement of various items – like grouping items and placing “black” items closer together.  I agree.”

Another corner that was improved with a designer touch was the top of the tv

Paying attention to balance, scale and color, I changed it up a bit, so the tv cabinet does not look so dumpy. Suddenly it has presence.

Top of TV Close-up

Grouping in layers adds interest

Here is the tv side of the room in more detail. Before the rearrangement the room feels like it has a serious case of the blahs. Sometimes when I arrive at a client’s home, I have no idea how I am going to transform the room.

Yet suddenly everything falls into place.

The room before

The room before

After the furniture gets cozy with angles, color and texture is spread around the room, the cats have been acknowledged, not only on the tables, but with  poster stolen from the kitchen, suddenly I feel like sitting down.

How about you?   What do you think about the change in the room?  Do you feel more inclined to enjoy this space, with the “new” arrangement? Do you long to liven up your own space? What bugs you about your family room?

I would love to hear your thoughts. Comment below and share.

The Big Reveal

The Big Reveal

If you are looking to live in a room you love, right now, call me Jennifer Duchene 650.644.8592. I would love to make it happen for you.

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Family Room gets Charmed. — 6 Comments

  1. I’m constantly amazed at how you can transform a room so quickly without adding anything…I love what you did for my living room and spend more time there as a result of your magic.

    • Darcie what a divine compliment. I love recreating a room so add in personality. Most of us have more than enough to create a sanctuary

  2. Jennifer, you did an amazing job. The before and after pictures are incredible. Your ability to turn a blah, somewhat overwhelming, uninviting room into an inviting, warm haven is incredible.

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